Sunday, March 6, 2016

On Love, Part 1

I absolutely love Doorposts materials! We have used several of their Bible Studies, and I have done the Bible Studies for Busy Mama's. 
This fall, I decided it was time to do their Walk In Love study on 1 Corinthians 13. 

Liberty, Mama and Ruby Christmas 2015

My children needed to know what love really is. I was weary of the bickering, and arguing. They were being selfish and unkind.
The funny thing is, when I see the need for specific training in my children, God uses it to teach me what I need.
1 Corinthians 13 says:

Of course I love my family. Right? Or, do I really love them as God has called me to love? We started the study so my children could learn to be patient with each other.

We will all be sinned against. We will, I promise. How I respond shows how well I understand what God did for me. He sent His only son to die for my sins. Psalm 86:15 tells us that God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. (emphasis mine) God wants all of us to come to repentance. How is my impatience hindering my children from repenting?

Jesus was willing to die for me because of His great love for me. Shouldn't I be willing to suffer the smaller wrongs that others have committed against me?

I know this is not a great revelation, nor, is it deep theological study. However, it pierced my heart. It convicted me that my being upset (impatient) was a speed bump, or perhaps even a mountain the way of my children being sanctified and knowing Christ as their personal savior.  I was not being a good example of how Christ loved me. How were they to know and demonstrate patience when it wasn't being modeled for them?

From Doorposts: "Before we can love with a godly love, we need to meet love. We need to experience love. We need to understand how deeply we are loved." I  still have a long way to go, but remembering that God IS love helps me to love better.

I will fail, I do fail, daily. God is teaching me to be quick to repent, to humble myself and apologize, and to make things right. In doing so, I am able in the smallest of ways to teach my children of God's great love for them.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


The blog has been very quiet for over a year now. I have written numerous posts in my head, but they never seem to make it past my brain. 
I am in a season of Provision. God Provides for me, He gives me strength, He gives me rest, He provides wisdom, He provides my every breath. I am learning to trust Him completely. 
I have been busy. I love a busy full schedule. I also enjoy down time. The past year I have seen many babies enter this world. 
I also welcomed my first grandson. I took 2 of my children with me to Minnesota for 11 days. I learned that 2 children were no less work than 8! 
I homeschooled 6 children and had a very busy toddler. I forgot how busy toddlers are. It almost seemed easier when I had a bushel of toddlers.
I learned how to knit, how to quilt, and how important reading glasses are. 

This photo was taken in White Salmon, WA this weekend,
just as we were about to go in to the church for Sean's Uncle Bob's funeral. 
The most important thing I have seen this year is God's faithfulness. He has continued to provide for my every need, and even many of my wants.
I have a whole series of posts (in my head) about what God has taught me this year on love.
Stay tuned, I hope to share with you all that I have been learning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I had a fun weekend planned, complete with The Handel's Messiah, 4-H Project Meetings (Horticulture, Sewing and Shooting), 
Wreath Making
 Archery Fund Raiser, Community Chili Feed, Lynden Lighted Parade, and Hay Ride and Caroling with our Church!
I invited my Momm, and niece, Sarah, to join us for the festivities.
Some like to do it without assistance.
We didn't actually make The Messiah (the one thing I really wanted to do). We opted for homemade pizza and Christmas movie night instead. It was probably the best choice. The children had to be up early for Project Meetings. 
We all had a fantastic time, made messes and memories, played Playmobile, read books, and spent time together. 

Others like to check and make sure everything is perfect. 

During the weekend the following conversation was overheard: 
  Liberty (5), "Do you know what fed-up means?"
  Sarah (7). "No, What does it mean?"
  Liberty, "It means you are 'done' with something, Like, it's enough already."
  Sarah, "Oh! Like I am fed-up with your whining?"

Out of the mouths of babes. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

7 Months

I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Wyatt was 7 months on the 16th. I know I am late. Seriously, I am happy to get anything done. I am living by the "It's the thought that counts", "Better late than never", and "I had the best intentions" club. 

Wyatt's favorite thing to do is roll
 These really were the best pictures that I could manage. You might notice his cute little 7 Month sticker, or the beloved quilt that has been in all his 'month' photos. Yes, they are there just not very well.

Can't keep this little guy in one place

 This month found Wyatt rolling all over the place. I might set him down in the family room and find him under the dining room table in no time flat! Much to their dismay it brought the end of Lego play for the big kids (at least Lego strewn all over the floor).
Wyatt discovered his tongue and makes the cutest sucking noises. He also intently watches anyone else and what they are doing with his tongue. He joins us for every meal and wants to try all the food we are eating. He has discovered that he can join, or dominate, a conversation by making his voice louder and louder. Wyatt loves to scream, look at lights, nurse, be tickled. He loves all sorts of animals: dogs (when they aren't barking), horses, cows, cats & kittens, and chickens. He laughs and touches them.

I love kissing those cheeks and his neck! 
He has also figured out how to throw a fit, kick, scream and even bite! He is still easy to put to sleep, all one has to do is swaddle him in a tight wrap and give him his binky. He naps well and sleeps fair. He wakes up happy.
Our little guy is already over 25 pounds!
He attended his second birth with me and did fantastic. At one point I was holding him on my hip and he reached out and touched the laboring mama with the sweetest chubby little hands. He also matched his noises to her sounds. He was quiet when she was quiet and cooed at her. He loved the birth ball.
Wyatt watches all that goes on around him, he likes to look out the window and will stare to figure something out.
He recently figured out how to sit up and is happy like that for quite some time. I adore how he sits, most of my children skipped the sitting. He is content in the Ergo. He plays for a long loud time in the Exersaucer.
He is notorious for eating homework that was left on the floor. Still loves to splash and kick in the bathtub.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Outstanding 4-Her

I began this post a month ago, before she won the Outstanding 4-Her of Whatcom County. 
This was Taylor's 3rd Year doing 4-H at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden. She showed in Senior Class for Rabbits. 
Although, this was her first year showing Dairy she showed in Senior class as well, because of her obligations showing Rabbits. Her Show Rabbit is an English Spot, and she got Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Class for Type.
Taylor has diligently chosen rabbits based on what she has learned. She has even attended a Rabbit Show in Enumclaw to get good rabbits for breeding and showing.
Taylor competed against all other Seniors  in our County,  it came down to her and another member of our club. He received Grand Champion and Taylor was awarded Reserve Grand Champion. They both earned a spot to compete at the State Fair.
State was a great experience for both of them, as well as the other members of our club who attended.
It was a growing experience for both Sean and I, as well as Taylor. As a family, we try to do as much together as possible. Especially when it comes to big events in the children's lives. This was the first time we sent one of our children off with other families to compete, and at a State event as well! Sean was out of town for work, and the logistics of me taking everyone to Puyallup for 3 days was too much.
Taylor has great showmanship. Much like her father, she is stoic and keeps her composure, but sometimes she forgets to smile. She did impress the judges with her confidence and knowledge.
She organized members of our Rabbit Division to decorate the Rabbit Barn and Our Club received the award for the Best Decorated Club!
When I was walking around the Fair I discovered our Club Booth and remembered that I was supposed to do something about that. I noticed that we were awarded a Blue Ribbon and Best Booth (I am sure I got that name wrong) complete with a $50 premium. Taylor knew I wasn't going to remember, so she implemented that as well.
I am proud of her growth, and commitment to her projects. From purchasing her animals, to feeding and caring for them she had complete responsibility both fiscally, and with all the daily chores.
She did her public presentation on Rabbit Breeds of the World. She earned a blue ribbon for that as well! She picked up extra barn duty, went to the Rodeo, and rode rides with friends.
Since her Pen of Fryer Rabbits earned Best of Class, for the Second Year, she was Third Seller in the Junior Livestock Auction. She requested many add ons and earned enough to get started on her Organic Rabbit business. She has found mentors to help her with marketing, record keeping, developing feed, and other business knowledge.
A sampling of her ribbons and our club decorations in the Rabbit Barn.
She was our Club Reporter and won the 4-H News Award for the county. She also earned awards for her involvement in Community Service Projects that she organized and participated in. She also received an award for Outstanding 4-Her of Whatcom County.
At our End of the Year Celebration Taylor raked in the awards with a Trophy for Outstanding 4-Her of the club, Perfect Attendance, Teen Leadership, and she was elected Vice President of Country Partners Club.
As our daughter enters her 17th year, we couldn't be more proud of her decisions, goals, and character.

Monday, October 20, 2014

4, 5, 6 Months

I have the best intentions. I plan blog posts, but never get them written. 
 I take thousands of photos, but don't know how to edit or organize them.
 Every time I begin to blog, I spend hours looking at all the photos. That, or someone needs my computer to do their school work.
 Wyatt is a happy baby. He loves his people. and adores animals. He gets so excited when he sees a cat, dog, horse, pig, rabbit, chicken. He laughs and reaches for them.
 At 5 months he started to reach for food and grab. Way earlier than any of my other children. I gave him some avocado, peas and sweet potatoes. He wants to sit at the table with us and hold a big spoon.
 He has grown so much hair in the last couple of months. No, really, he has!
 His 6 month photos did not go so well. He just wanted to eat the sticker.
He got his 2 bottom front teeth this week and slept in his crib for the first time. He was sleeping all night but now is up a few times. He loves to nurse, but only on one side. We (meaning I) finally gave up on the other side. 
He has been on a big car trip, accompanied me to a birth, and to the ER for 3 stitches (for me). All the children still compete for who gets to get him up, dress him, and help with bath time. Liberty can get him laughing the best. He likes to chew on Aaron's chin, Ruby is the baby whisperer and can get him to sleep. Ian likes to move him from place to place, and Wyatt seems to like that. Erik is still trying to teach him things and can't wait to teach him to ride a bike, do a flip, and talk. Wyatt just watches him with fascination. Taylor hangs out with him in the mornings while I am getting everyone else on task, she is also protective of him and likes to feed him when the opportunity arises. 
I cherish this time and love snuggling him, making him laugh and nursing.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

3 Months

Everyone is growing up right before my eyes. I remember being in second grade thinking that the year was never going to end. I can still picture the calendar on the wall above the blackboard in Mrs. Lugar's class. Will Summer Ever Come? 
I still look forward to summer, but it seems to come and go so quickly. Wyatt is now 3 months old, My oldest daughter got married, and I am a Mother in Law.
Liberty, "It's so fun to have someone to chill with."
We got 2 kittens, 4 pigs, I had Mastitis, We had a wedding, Mariners game, 25 year High School reunion, got strawberries picked and made in to jam, Celebrated the 4th of July, picked and jammed raspberries, we got started on the blueberries with 87 pounds in the freezer. 4H Season in in Full swing with 3 meetings in one day last week.
His little crooked smile brings me joy
 The fair is just around the corner. I have a few weeks before I am on call for my first birth since Wyatt's arrival. Sean is going on a Tuna Fishing trip and I have started the planning for school in September.
He is always smiling, when he is nursing, sleeping, sucking his thumb. Always. 
 Meanwhile, every chance I get I sit and stare at the baby. He is such a sweetie. I love that Ian gets up early and waits outside my bedroom. The minute he hears Wyatt cooing he is in there to get him up. The girls always want to choose his clothes and dress him. You have to be easy going to put up with that!
Wyatt, The.Most. Blue.Eyes.Ever. 
We just finished a major purge and reorganization of the boys room.
Unfortunately, my cooking has drastically taken a back burner. As well as my blogging.