Sunday, May 15, 2011

Found It!

We finally found a place to live. It is a 2,800 square foot old farmhouse on 25acres just 10 minutes from town. We were able to negotiate for a month to month rental and can even bring our bees, bunnies and cats!

Ruby and Paisley

I met this amazing woman named Janet a few months ago. Our paths have crossed numerous time without even knowing we shared many of the same friends. Our daughters hit it off wonderfully and her boys share many common interests with my boys! Janet remembered I was moving and called me to come get all her In-Law's boxes, they just moved here. That ended my scavenger hunt for boxes!
Then she remembered that I was looking for a rental and getting desperate. She heard of a place that was for rent and had not even been advertised yet. We were able to meet up with the landlords, sign a lease make a deposit and get keys! Just 6 days to spare.
Yesterday we decided to get a moving truck and move what we could. I was anxious and overwhelmed when I got a call from a friend that I probably have not talked to in a year (only because life gets busy).
Karen called to ask a question about bees and I was crying so hard I could hardly talk. When she found out what was wrong she arranged for some massive man power, then brought dinner as well.
I am so humbled how God chooses to provide for us and care for us. I don't deserve all I have and yet He continues to give me more.
I know He will give me the strength I need to make it through the next 5 days.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stayin' Afloat

Recently, Erik purchased a raft and oars at Goodwill for $4. I was not sure if it would even float, so I assured him that we could try it out and return it within the 7 day period if it was defective. 
That put a bit of pressure on me to get to the pond and try it out. I knew he would hold me to it and that we better hurry up and try it or I would never hear the end of it. We chose a decent day and he blew up the raft and carried it the whole way!

I was very proud of his determination to figure out how to row, and his willingness to share with his siblings. They were not allowed to go to the island in the middle of the pond because there was a mama duck and her ducklings.

I have realized through this house hunting business that my children are learning a lot! Most of the time it is really trying for me. They ask all sorts of questions and feel that it is entirely reasonable that they get to make a choice on where we live. Their enthusiasm might be contagious if I weren't so stressed. Every house we look at is the perfect one - according to the children.  Aaron wants to know if it is in our budget. Taylor wants to make sure we can bring the bunnies and cats. Erik finds every nook and cranny and wants to sleep in a crawl space, ride his skateboard on a curved roof, or jump from one house to the neighboring roof. Ian and Ruby just want to play hide and seek, and Liberty has to try out every potty.
I am having a hard time packing not knowing where we are going or what we will need. I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have accumulated and need to move or get rid of. Is it really worth storing a picnic table?  It is a huge struggle to manage school, relationships, sick children, and a imminent move.
Please pray for peace in our home and for me to offer the grace I would like to have in return.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Perfect Day

Our friends Brad and Dana invited us to go snowshoeing with them. They have all the gear and know what they are doing!

We planned the trip about 6 weeks ago, it was the only day that both of us had free at the same time.
The week started with sick kids and a lot of stress about selling and moving. I just kept praying that we would get to go.

Shelly and Cara divided up the children and were happy to give us a day to enjoy ourselves and each other!
Shelly calls it Marriage Insurance. She is wise.

Sean always has been one to shoot for the finish line. He was up front and would ascend the hill, then wait for all of us to catch up. Brad brought up the rear and made sure that we were all safe. Once we were doing some switch backs on a pretty steep hill and I got a little nervous and in the one move Brad said I went from being a novice snowshoer to intermediate.

We shoed up to Artist Point, enjoyed lunch and each other then headed back down the mountain.

We couldn't resist a snowball fight and a little shove here and there.

Lunch Break

Dana and Brad with the Mt. Shuksan in the background.

We could not have asked for a better day.
We felt truly blessed that God provided such amazing weather and great friends right in the midst of chaos and stress. It was especially reassuring that the children were being loved on and cared for by some wonderful people.