Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something Better

It has always been our philosophy that if we are not going to deny our children something without offering them something better. We have not 'celebrated' Halloween for several years now. We do not want to get caught up in something that is so blatantly pagan and has no God honoring qualities. This year Tami gave me the best idea ever, go shoot pumpkins. The puny pumpkins on the left of the photo are ones from our garden the other ones we managed to procure from the local grocery store. I texted Syndi this morning and asked if they wanted to go shoot some pumpkins?

Just a few of the guns used to obliterate the pumpkins. We stopped at the store and asked for the produce manager and after a few attempts we finally got to talk to him. We convinced him that the pumpkins were old and that we really needed them. He asked what we wanted them for, and we told him we were going to shoot them, so he offered us as many as we could carry because he would have to dispose of them tomorrow. We were happy to help him out.
Have you ever shot an assault rifle? It is REALLY fun, especially to watch the pieces of pumpkin fly ~ some even flew all the way back to where we were standing.

I really liked the .22 with the great sight (it was Syndi's birthday present). I have only shot guns a few times before but I know what I want for Christmas!

Not a bad grouping for a beginner. The pumpkins on the left and the top of mine were shot with a 12 gauge and a M4 which were really satisfying to shoot.

Aaron tried out all the guns and liked Ben's .22 rifle the best.

This is way easier and much more fun than carving pumpkins.

We did not even have to scrape out the seeds. The design goes all the way through. Aaron had the satisfaction of knocking the top pumpkin off.
Tim was so encouraging! When Erik shot he missed the pumpkin and Tim told him that he made the dirt fly! Erik loved that. I just realized that I don't have the picture of Erik in here and I don't know how to add a photo in the middle so I will post it tomorrow.

We cleaned up, came home ate dinner and got our PJ's on and started watching "Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn. At intermission we made ice cream sundaes. My children love ice cream and Ruby was pleased as punch to get to help dish up. We had Strawberry, Praline Pecan, Chocolate Coffee Crunch, and for the non dairy eaters we had vanilla and chocolate soy ice cream complete with non dairy whipped topping (what is it?) and chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

Liberty got right in there with everyone else when I asked if anyone wanted more whipped cream.

What better way to get more whipped cream than directly into the mouth?
At bed time Aaron said, "I am sure glad we don't celebrate Halloween! Today was the Best!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Give Me Some Chocolate!

Last month my momm, aka Geaba, arranged a trip for us to visit a chocolate factory. We went to Boehm's Chalet located in Issaquah.
The tour information promised chocolate tasting. I was in from the moment I learned that! We learned so much more than I anticipated. We learned that Julius Boehm was an accomplished Olympic Athlete, he was also a mountaineer and utilized those skills to escape the Hitler regime.

We toured the original house where The Boehm's lived and listened to his original Victrola. I tried to take a photograph of the recipes located on the counter but the lighting did not quite cooperate. There was ample art, which offended my children. It is difficult to explain the difference between art and porn. We just looked away and admired the decor that was appropriate.

As promised we were offered 4 pieces of chocolate to taste. I wanted to taste all the different types! Liberty loved that part and I was not able to snatch her pieces for myself. Never fear my mom came to the rescue and bought the children each their own piece and us several of the amazing hand dipped truffles.
The tour was over in 58.23 minutes, so we headed to a wonderful park and enjoyed our chocolate and some Starbucks we picked up on the way! My mom knows how to speak my language!
After I was able to take her car (complete with heated seats) and Kimberly and I enjoyed some rare time alone together. We stopped at a used homeschool bookstore, the grocery store and on to her house for a wonderful dinner.

Monday, October 25, 2010

19 and counting 20,21...

Really, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise. Sometimes it seems that gravity is the only thing keeping me grounded.
We are currently dealing with a lot of 'issues'. One example is that we had to spend 45 minutes walking around the store this morning practicing how to walk. It seems that a majority of my children have forgotten the stay together, look with your eyes not your hands, and keep your hands to yourself rules. Erik is amazing on his Rip Stick, he has the ab muscles to prove it.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit someone I met this summer at the Christian Heritage picnic. She lives an hour and 20 minutes away. I went with another friend of mine and between us we have 19 children. Not all the children were there but one is pregnant with twins #'s 8 and 9! so including the ones in utero there were 19 children.
I was so inspired that she is clean and organized in a small house with lots of little ones. She has implemented what I have been dreaming of for awhile, a family closet! They have a whole room with all the laundry in one place. Think wash, dry, fold or hang up and put away all in one location.
I was renewed by the fellowship with like minded women and so very pleased with the new friendships that Taylor was able to make.
I came home ready to re do my schedule and with the knowledge and tools I need to make circle time run like a well oiled machine.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


In September we went sailing with the big kids (Taylor, Aaron, Erik, Ian) and a wonderful couple from church. The children had a fabulous time and were amazing at steering the boat.
Erik especially liked the head, I think it was figuring out how to flush. Taylor was able to navigate us from about a mile out right into the marina.

Gene printed us out a chart of where we went and marked off where we were when each of the children took their turn at the helm. The most jagged line was where I took a turn!

Not related to the sailing trip at all, I wanted to share some snippets of conversation around our house. Bill Gates is often a topic of conversation at the breakfast table. I am not sure why, only that they know he has a lot of money and lives in Washington. The other morning Erik asked me how many children Bill Gates had. I replied that I knew he had one child but thought perhaps he has two. To which Erik exclaimed, "I am sure glad I am not one of his children. It is obvious that he values money more than he values life!"

Recently we were discussing things on earth that give us a glimpse of the joy we will experience when we get to heaven. Taylor said finding Nudibranchs at the beach, Erik said newborn babies, Aaron thought that a sunset brought great joy, and Ruby said the greatest joy she feels is when she gets a new pair of shoes.