Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Waiting

I seriously cannot believe I have not had this baby yet. I am anxiously waiting to hold her in my arms and meet her. My mom came to spend Christmas with us and we all thought the baby would have been here by then. She is still here because every day we think she will come. This is after all baby #7!! Don't they usually come earlier? My mom and I went for pedicures and Sean and I went for a 2 mile walk. I have been pushing on all the pressure points not to mention the Oil of Evening Primrose. I have one day left for a 2008 tax deduction and the Baby's first Christmas 2008 ornament is useless at this point.
I am so excited for the newest addition to our family and will announce her arrival and name as soon as we have either! Happy last day of '08 and God's Blessings on your New Year

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas full of Blessings. The children did a great job being patient with waiting for Mikaela to come so we could open our gifts. We work really hard to keep the focus on serving others and being a blessing to others, it is not always easy especially for me, I really like to give gifts. We were really fortunate to have my mom with us as well especially since we had more snowfall on Christmas morning. We had 2 feet of snow!!
I love how our children open a gift and play with it for a long time before they are even interested in opening another gift (with the exception of Ruby).
Friday morning we went to the hospital for a 'non stress test' for the baby the Dr. really pushed for an induction. He called it augmentation since I was already at 4.5 cm and contracting every 17 minutes. I know I am nervous for labor and since my body seems to be doing what it should (even if it is a little slow) I like the pace of the dilation without the really hard work. We decided to hold off. The nurses scheduled me for an induction for Saturday morning in case I changed my mind. I got a call this morning at 6am!!! OK, anyone that knows me knows that 6 is waaaaaay to early. It was the nurse at the hospital telling me they had a bed available and were waiting for my 7am induction. I told her I was not coming until I went into labor and the Dr. just made the appointment in case I changed my mind. The nurse then bawled me out for not being clear and basically made me feel like it was a major inconvenience for them for me not to come. Ummm, who is having the baby?? UGH. It is really hard to not feel pressure to do what is easiest for everyone, the Dr, the Hospital, Babysitter, Weather, etc.,
I am feeling very ripe and ready and anxious to meet this little one my babies have come in 1990, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and I thought 2008! Maybe, maybe not. I guess we will wait and see.
I would like to ask for prayers to trust God and His timing and Provision as well as a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby. Thank you all. God Blessing on you and yours.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

Years ago we started the tradition of Tacos for Christmas Eve dinner followed by a Birthday Cake for Jesus. I love the simplicity of Tacos and the fact that it is more non-traditional. The children are finding things to do to occupy themselves. Ruby likes to dress up these days you can definitely tell that she has 3 older brothers with her choice of attire. However, around here I prefer underwear under your clothes.
Ian and Erik are enjoying a moment of sunshine with the cats (this was taken a couple days ago) there has been no sun today-- only more and more snow (but I am not complaining am I?)
The cats really enjoy the snow because it is the only time we let them spend any amount of time inside.

I don't think this picture does the amount of snow we have justice but the lamp post is inside my raised flower bed in the front yard and you certainly cannot see the bricks.

Ruby really enjoyed the chocolate chip scones that I made for breakfast, she has finally quit picking out the chocolate chips and started eating the whole scone.

Aaron has been taking lessons from his friend Ben, and has discovered the joys of Popsicle sticks and a glue gun. Ruby was very happy that Aaron made her her own game boy. I tell you it is my kind of toy- no batteries or electricity and plenty of imagination.

Aaron even made each of his siblings their own name out of Popsicle sticks.

Still to do:
Finish reading Jotham's Journey (our Advent Book)
Brown the meat for the Taco's
Pray for my mother's safe arrival in all this snow
Go to the Candlelight Service at Church
Make Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast Tomorrow morning
Have a baby
I am really hoping that the baby comes soon all she is doing right now is getting bigger and bigger. I bought her a Baby's First Christmas 2008 Ornament I guess it is her first Christmas she just isn't out to enjoy it yet. It would also be pretty cool to have your first Christmas a White Christmas which, this definitely is.
Merry Christmas to All and Happy Birthday to Our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We Have Babies!!

Monday December 22, 2008
12:22 p.m.
We are proud to announce our newest arrivals!!
Yes, it is true Hortense, Claude, Jasper, and Dagmar joined to Slocum Family!!
They measure .5cm long and I have no clue how much a guppy weighs.

Sorry, cruel to you all that are awaiting the arrival of baby Slocum but I couldn't resist.
We are awaiting more snow, currently we have 7" and another 4" expected tonight. The cats can not even go outside without walking funny because it is past their legs. It seems warm enough for the children to play and build things (snow cave, snow men, snow angels, etc.,) but it shows no signs of stopping.
I know I still technically have 5 days left but the sooner the better in my book. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, Friends, Candy Canes, and Cocoa

The other day I just did not feel like doing anything, problem with that is when you have 5 kids at home you have to do something. Alas, my friend Syndi came to my rescue. Why is it that siblings can have 4 other people to play with but it is so much better to have someone else to entertain them? Syndi and Ben cam over to hang out and enjoy the snow. Ian did not last long outside but really enjoyed the candy canes, popcorn, and hot cocoa when he came in.

It is so good to see some of our teaching is getting through. We have read The Legend of the Candy Cane and it talks about the shape being a J for Jesus, or a Staff for the Good Shepard, and the red being the blood of Jesus and White being us cleansed of our sins. So here is Erik with his 'J'

We try to do the Make a Plate annually so we chose this day to do our plates and included Ben in the process. It was more difficult to get Aaron and Ben to come in a do the project but hey around here you have to take advantage of the snow when it arrives.

I actually did a good job not intervening in the making process of the plates (something I am not very good at)
I also went to the Doctor on Friday and he did really well knowing that I want to spontaneously go into labor, so he definitely offered but did not pressure me to induce. I am 3 cm. dilated. I was ecstatic that all the contractions I have been feeling are actually doing something. I then ran a couple of errands and headed off to a massage! It was wonderful but did not put me into labor.
Sean actually shoveled the drive and put chains on the van just in case.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

We officially had our first day with no puke in about a week. We all celebrated, I mean really who wants to be 9 months pregnant cleaning puke continually. UGH. I was so thankful that it was not bitter cold and the children could go outside and play. Anyone else live in a small house that seems to SHRINK when the weather outside is frightful? Between having the tree in the house and the children bouncing off the walls and me not feeling so good (cranky, irritable, uncomfortable, tired, hungry, sick, and huge) I was not enjoying the snow at all.
I was able to take a few minutes this afternoon and look at the calm serene setting outside my house. I especially liked how the bee hive looked.

I am really looking forward to my Doctor appointment on Friday for the mere fact that it offers me a few hours to myself. I am hoping to finish my Christmas shopping, return a few items I changed my mind about, and hopefully get the last few items I need for the baby.
I don't like it when I know that I am grumpy and don't have the patience I need with the children but I don't seem to be able to reign it in. I have been studying joy and peace during my 'quiet' time and am diligently trying to put into practice what I am learning. While praying with the children tonight I thanked God that today was over and I got a new chance tomorrow. I think I am most thankful that we get to try again the next day and that He forgives and forgets our transgressions of today when we ask.
Enjoy today for what it has to offer and remember all that we are truly blessed with.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What were you doing last night?

Me, well it started out to be a great evening. We had homemade pizza for dinner (which nobody ever complains about). We read to the children, did our Advent Reading and got the children to bed nicely with no arguments or complaints. Sean and I read our books, talked and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.
The power went out so I decided to go to bed. Thankfully it came back on and I read some more until I fell asleep. Sean has been sick but did not come to bed until 11:45. Just as he was climbing into bed I heard what sounded like a waterfall, I just laid there with my eyes closed (pretending to still be asleep) I heard the gush of 'water' again Uh-Oh. Sean ran into the boys room and said "OH NO!!!!" I waited a few more minutes then decided to be a good wife/mom and get up and see what was going on. Sean said, "you can't come in here, you will puke" I dutifully asked, "what do you want me to do?" to which he replied, "Clean it all up so I can go to bed. Well, you asked."
To spare you all the gory details, Sean ended up taking the slats off the bunk bed to clean all puke that fell through the top bunk, to the bottom bunk and across the room to Ian's trundle bed. We moved Ian and Erik into our bed while we stripped and changed sheets, scrubbed the floor and started a mountain of laundry. I am still washing sheets, mattress covers, pillows, quilts and rags.
Why oh why can't my children just puke in one spot? I want a mommy merit badge for puking.

O Christmas Tree

A week ago we went Christmas Tree shopping right after church, seemed like a good idea at the time. We were all dressed nice and it was not raining or windy or even a gray day. We drove to a tree farm that is really close to our house. My goal: a tall skinny tree with a lot of branches. We do not have a big house and with the up coming birth or our baby I wanted to take up very little space. The children enjoyed playing with the dog that lived there. Ruby followed Ian around and Aaron tried to use his ax to cut the tree down. There seemed to be more bickering and arguing than I have ever noticed before.
Taylor ended up falling the tree with the saw provided by the farm.

We finally got the tree loaded and home and in a stand in the house. It took up half of the living room. I could not bear to put the lights on when it was entirely too big. after a day in the house I hucked it on the back porch and went shopping for a fake tree. They were just too expensive so I decided to wait until the day after Christmas when they are all on clearance.

So our solution was to cut off the back of the tree and 'prune' the rest. We now have it shoved up against the wall I put lights on and let the children go to town on the decoration. We ended up with 3 full boxes of decoration and ornaments not on the tree because I don't feel like it.

Our tree looks good and takes up less space and it was only $20. The memories are funny but definitely not a hallmark moment. I will be searching for a good deal on a prelit tree for next year!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I got paid today

Today was a stay home day!! With the Christmas season on us and preparing for a new baby it is rare for us to have a day at home. I utilized the time to sort through my dreaded paperwork. Anyone who knows me knows that is the constant struggle in my life. I purged old bills, bank statments, folders, schoolwork, you name it, in the process I found a gift certificate for a massage (looking forward to that one after the baby comes), a free dive and gear rental from a local dive shop (probably won't get to use that anytime soon so I will try to sell it) and a $20 gift certificate from Treasury of Memories (our local scrapbook store that is the best!! Merry Christmas to me) I guess my perseverance paid off! Last week we had Ben and Syndi come over and make cookies to send to a friend of hers who is a soldier in Iraq. The children worked so hard and I worked really hard to not be a perfectionist. The cookies I usually make are not as labor intensive and candy cane and sugar cookies. We also made snicker doodles and oatmeal raisin. In addition we were able to bless a friend with cookies for her father's memorial service.
I love being able to serve others especially at this time of year. I really enjoy Ben and how polite and hard working he is. Syndi (his mom) is great because she jumps right in and finishes projects (which is something I really struggle with) she even made Ben his own camouflage apron!!!

The children have very hot hands so rolling the dough and getting good shapes was tough but worth it. They even got a bonus when I was tired of making cookies so I divided the remaining dough up between them all (me included) and we ate it.

We also got to finally take the stitches out of Taylor's knee. I am not so sure on Sean's use of pliers and shears but it got the job done and saved us a trip to the doctor.

I think he enjoys a opportunity to use his tools regardless of what it might be. It does look like he is having fun. Taylor was a little squeamish and did not appreciate the pliers tugging at her tender skin.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Be Prepared to Follow Through

Today I was out with my wonderful friend Tami and she noticed that Erik's car seat was not fitted to him properly. She tried to tell him how to have a correct fit, but Erik was not going to listen to her. We work very hard getting our children to respect authority and have good manners and he was definitely not doing either. Well I was already tired, we had gone to MOPS, I had a doctor appointment, and had gone to Cash and Carry. I flippantly told him he could either put on the seat belt how Mrs. Simpson told him to, or we could go to the police station and have them tell him how to wear it. He opted for the latter. Off we went to the police station. Ironically, there were no police at the police station and they had to call dispatch to have an officer come and meet us there. 45 agonizing minutes later the officer showed up and was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of children in my van, I only had 4 of mine and 2 of Tami's. I assured him that he only needed to talk to one of the children.
After much debate with the officer (which really surprised me since Erik did not seem to mind challenging him), Erik finally relented and is now properly restrained in his car seat. WHEW!!
The officer gave Erik a temporary tattoo as a reward.

The above photos are of Erik working on one of his Tiger Scout requirements of sewing on a button. It was a bonus for me since Sean had asked me to sew the button on a few months ago and the shirt has been hanging in my closet since then, a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We really have so much to be thankful for. I am especially thankful for my healthy children. I know so many people who have allergies, diseases, disabilities and other trials with their children. I am so incredibly grateful that we do not have any major health issues to contend with. I am thankful for creative children who can occupy themselves and rejoice with each other in their creativity and that they enjoy each other.
I am thankful for a mother in law that will get down on the floor with her grandchildren and play games with them. I am thankful that we get to see her a few times a year and the children love to spend time with her. I am thankful that most of my children are good sports in game playing and turn taking.

I am thankful for a husband that enjoys spending time with the kids and teaching them the things that he enjoys and wants them to know. I am thankful that my husband keeps me accountable in my attitude and encourages me to be my best and do my best.

I am thankful for a good imagination. For 3 vehicles that are reliable and paid for.

I am thankful for our home and yes, even the pets that bring such joy to the children.

I am thankful for good friends, who share the same faith as our family, who encourage and support our family, who I know I can depend on in any situation.

Thank you Jesus for all of our blessings. I pray that we will keep Him the center of our holidays and especially our lives. I desire to be a Godly wife and mother and struggle to be a light in the dark world every day.