Monday, July 30, 2012

Tour de Whatcom

In an effort to save some money on gas, Sean started riding his bike to work. I guess he got hooked because he started riding on weekends as well. He also found some friends who all liked to ride together.
Sean, on his single speed fixed gear
He read about the Tour de Whatcom and decided that it was something he wanted to do. The weekend before the race he went out in the pouring down rain and rode 50 miles! Prior to that he hadn't ridden more than 20. When he came home his legs were shaking and he could hardly walk, but he still wanted to ride.
We were late coming to the Deming rest stop  to cheer for Sean, he came in 1/2 hour ahead of schedule! 
It felt really weird to not be there cheering for him throughout his race but it took 5 hours and covered 105 miles, not something that was workable with the children.
We did make it to one of the pit stops and cheered him on. He called us when he was about 15 minutes away, so we hopped in the van, and rode to a spot down the road so we could yell. Unfortunately he was already past and we had to drive to the rest area to see him.
Papa and his cheering squad
 We cheered for him as he continued on his journey and decided to drive the other way so we could see him riding. That was not a good choice as Sean had already left and we had to try to catch him. which meant that we had to pass a lot of other riders on a 2 lane highway with no shoulders and lots of big trucks. It scared me and I was in our BRV (Big Red Van).
Just a little sunburn from the ride
Sean finished the105 mile ride in 5 hours, then rode from Fairhaven to Bellingham as a cool down. That guy is a nut! Anything he puts his mind to he excels at. Not only did he ride that far but he did it on on fixed gear single speed bike, much more challenging than your average bike. He went home, showered, ate and joined us at a birthday party, then ate some more. How's that for putting in a full day?

Congrats on your accomplishment honey! We are so proud of you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Not nearly enough time with my firstborn
Mikaela came up from Southern California last weekend. It was way too short of a visit. Time with her went by way too quickly.
I don't just mean the weekend, I mean her time in our home, her time under our influence and time to teach, build her up and encourage her.
She did my hair and I did hers
There is so much more I wish I had done with her. I wish I stopped what I was doing and really listened. I wish I had prayed more specifically for a Godly man in her life. I wish I had taken the time to sit and watch movies with her. I wish I had passed on my passion for desiring God. I wish that I had allowed her to make mistakes and suffer the consequences.
I am so thankful that she still wants to come home, and that this is home! I am thankful for our long conversations on the phone. I am thankful that she still asks for help and advice, even though she doesn't always take my advice. I am thankful that she asked me to curl her hair while she was home. I am thankful that she made cookies for the family and painted the little girls nails. I am thankful for her relationship with Taylor and that she took the time to do Taylor's hair and had fun doing it!
Taylor and I on our way to The Sound Of Music 
Although, there is so much more I wish I had done with Mikeala I am so thankful for every moment I get with her. I am being more intentional with the time and activities I am participating in with my younger children. Stay tuned for some of ideas and convictions.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Warrior Dash

A few months ago, several friends and I were talking about participating in an event called The Warrior Dash. Everyone quickly jumped on the bandwagon and signed up. Everyone, except me.
Me, waiting to catch the shuttle to check in for The Dash
I really wanted to do it, but did not have the money to sign up and knew that I was not training for it.
Last week I purchased my spot, at a discount, from a friend who decided not to do it. After I bought it I went online again and looked at the course. How I wish I would have trained!
My Warrior Buddies, Dr, Brad & Dr. Dana
Dana wasn't feeling great, and Brad was Mr. Encouragement. We had decided to stick together, and I am so glad we did! Part of me wanted to run hard and prove myself, but it was so much fun to be together.
Warrior Cheer
Early in the race, we covered 1/2 mile through muddy trails with stickers on both sides. I slid about 3 feet and almost wiped out. Brad cheered, "Yeah for slippery muddy trails, we almost fall on!"
Then at each obstacle he cheered that it was coming, and while we were doing it, then that it was over. It made me laugh over and over. I honestly think lots of the people that were around us stayed for his encouraging banter.
Ready, Set, Go!
 One muddy pit didn't look that bad, but I chose the wrong spot to enter and fell flat on my face! I have to say the only injury I received was from hitting my knee on something beneath the mud. Dana didn't fair so well, her shoe came off in the mud and she had to dig for it!
Being short was much to my advantage, there were several obstacles that you had to crawl through or under and I didn't even have to army crawl!
I was really worried about the rope we had to climb then scale a huge wall, I didn't think I had the upper body strength for it. I did it without any problems!
Almost Done
 Aaron really wanted to come watch me. Even though he didn't come he told me that at 12:30 (my start time) he said, "Go Mama!" He also told me when I was leaving for the race that he hoped I was successful. When I asked him what successful was, He replied, "That you don't die!"
I am so Thankful that I was successful!
We Did It!
The most fun was jumping over the flames together.
 The most difficult obstacle for me was the mud crawl. The pit was so deep I couldn't touch the bottom! I also wear contacts and after someone (I will never tell who) =) threw mud in my face I could hardly open my eyes. The grit and grime between my teeth didn't help much either.
Next time I think I will wear shorts. The pants were a bit heavy.
Right after I finished, I gave Sean a great big muddy hug! Unfortunately everyone else was too muddy to touch the camera, so I don't have any pictures of it.
Muddy Couple
  The info page said that there were showers, really there were old men with fire hoses. I guess it's a good thing I am cuter than Brad, because at least I got hosed off!  The guy asked Dana and I if we were married. I said, "Not to each other!"

Going to the "Shower"
 I went out to have a good time with my friends and was not even going to check the race results. But Dana called and told me that I was 89/700 in our age group and 606/5,793!
I think next year I might just go for competition!
Guess we forgot to raise our arms when we got rinsed off
After our 'shower' we noticed that many parts did not actually get clean, at all.
Our entrance fee included a free beer, I used mine to rinse my hair and hands! 
 I called my friend Amy, I had never been to her house before, and asked if we could come hose off. I still had so much grime in my eyes I could hardly see.
She gracefully and willingly offered her shower. I was so very happy.
Here's to a great time, great friends, and great accomplishments! 
Then Sean and I finished our date day with Dinner at PF Chang's with Brad and Dana, and some shopping together, alone.
Thank you so much to my momm for watching our children so we could have some fun together! Maybe next time Sean will join in, since he got muddy anyway!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Reading

We are a family who loves to read. I remember not so long ago I worried that Aaron wasn't going to learn to read. Now, I often have to tell him to put the book down and get something else done. The biggest punishment is taking away his book. 
 Not only individual reading but read a-louds as well. This year we have read Harriet Tubman's biography, Archimedes and the Door of Science, and the entire Patricia St. John series. We started The Children's Homer, I got bored with it, the children begged for me to finish I couldn't bring myself to do it. We also read The Trojan Horse, and Aesop's Fables.
 Next year, I am going to keep a better list of what we are reading. I love the diversity that we enjoy together. This summer we are reading one of my all time favorite books, "Summer of the Monkeys" by Wilson Rawls. The same author that wrote "Where the Red Fern Grows."
We read this book years ago, I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to read it again. I am easily talked into, "Just one more chapter, PLEASE!" After a long day of church, pot luck, swimming, and wonderful beautiful, sun, I got the children ready for bed then we headed to the trampoline for a few chapters of Summer of the Monkeys.
I highly recommend this book and encourage you to read to your children! It is fun and creates opportunities to talk about real life hard stuff and gives wonderful memories!
This morning when I was wakened from a deep sleep by thunder and lightening and a torrential downpour I was grateful that I decided against a sleepover on the trampoline with the children!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freedom Rally

Today, my boys had the privilege of serving as the Color Guard for The Freedom Rally

Aaron was extremely nervous and had a meltdown prior to the event. Erik and Ian tried to follow suit but were coerced out of it. Driving out to the Rally at Farmer Ben's we were treated to an amazing view of the property with the hundreds of people that already there. We reviewed the Scout Motto, "I promise to do my best, To do my duty to God and My Country, To Help Others and to Obey the Law of the Pack." I reminded the boys that this was their duty to their Country, and that they needed to do their best!

Aaron carried the American Flag, Ian carried a Flag to be presented to a Veteran and Erik acted as Color Guard and helped Ian present and fold the flag. I was extremely proud and emotional. Presenting the flag to a Veteran that has served in 2 wars defending our Country was both humbling and a great honor.

After the presenting of the colors the boys were walking off stage and I overheard a gentleman say, "Those boys are the future of our Country! Well Done." I pray diligently that I am preparing them to be the courageous leaders we need. Men of Integrity, Wisdom, Faith, and Character.

The line up of speakers was phenomenal!  Liberty was swinging and heard one of the Candidates say something about protecting our liberty. To which she declared, for all to hear, "They are talking about me! Sometimes I even call myself Libby!"