Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I had a fun weekend planned, complete with The Handel's Messiah, 4-H Project Meetings (Horticulture, Sewing and Shooting), 
Wreath Making
 Archery Fund Raiser, Community Chili Feed, Lynden Lighted Parade, and Hay Ride and Caroling with our Church!
I invited my Momm, and niece, Sarah, to join us for the festivities.
Some like to do it without assistance.
We didn't actually make The Messiah (the one thing I really wanted to do). We opted for homemade pizza and Christmas movie night instead. It was probably the best choice. The children had to be up early for Project Meetings. 
We all had a fantastic time, made messes and memories, played Playmobile, read books, and spent time together. 

Others like to check and make sure everything is perfect. 

During the weekend the following conversation was overheard: 
  Liberty (5), "Do you know what fed-up means?"
  Sarah (7). "No, What does it mean?"
  Liberty, "It means you are 'done' with something, Like, it's enough already."
  Sarah, "Oh! Like I am fed-up with your whining?"

Out of the mouths of babes.