Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in your brown sugar?

This morning I went to refill our brown sugar container and look what I found! Of course nobody knew anything about it but I thought it was cute none the less. After refilling the container I noticed Ruby licking the measuring cup I had used. I guess we all like sweets. Last week we were at the chiropractor and I decided to try out his massage chair. Because I was busy trying to pamper myself in a waiting room with a 4 year old in a cast, a 2 year old climbing furniture and a 8 and 10 year old playing I did not go into the exam room with Erik (6). Later, our chiropractor chuckled when he recounted the Erik stories. Erik has had a few headaches lately and told the doctor about them. The doctor asked, "do you think they are a result of the auto accident you had last December?" Erik quickly replied, "No, I think they are because I have so many brothers and sisters."
During this same visit Erik asked the doctor if he was old, like a grandpa. The chiropractor answered, "I am not really old, but I am a grandpa I am 61" Erik answered, "wow you are old!" and asked some questions about the grandchild. I am not sure the exact conversation but as it was related to me Erik said he was never going to live that long and have grand kids because he was going to DIE! He said he was going to die because everywhere we go (Target, Costco, etc.,) people outside the stores smoke and they were turning his lungs black so he was going to die.
That boy has more stress than any other 6 year old I know. every time we get in the van to go somewhere he checks out the gas gage and wonders about our use of gas and if we are going to run out (we never have). Philippians 4:13 says be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.... I guess that is the next verse he needs to memorize

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family, Friends, and Great Bargains

Our neighbor had a garage sale the other day and Erik came home super excited that he bought a pair of Heeleys for $2! Never mind that they are pink or that they are 3 sizes too big- he got a great deal!
Our friend "Grandma Jojo" had a BBQ on Sunday and while we were there someone asked Erik if he was allowed to wear the Heeleys at school. I waited to see what he was going to say since he is home schooled. He said no I can't wear my Heeleys inside because we just got the carpets cleaned. Smart guy.
Sarah and Kimberly looked so cute in their matching outfits. Taylor was happy to see both of them and have some girl time.

The boys were content to play croquet and hang out in the sun. It got us out of the house for the open house and a great chance to spend some time catching up with lifelong friends.


This morning we read books, colored pictures, did some school, made french toast, cleaned up, gave Ian a bath, and left for a chiropractor appointment and to go get Ian's cast on. The chiropractor went great and he even carried Ian out to the van for me! Guess he did not want me to ruin my adjustment that quickly.
Sean met us at the Orthopedic Doctor's office just in case the casting was going to be difficult. The nurses were the nicest bunch of ladies ever. They were so patient and friendly and helpful. I was told that I was going to have to carry Ian for the next 6 weeks because they don't give 4 year olds crutches. 2 days of carrying him has about killed my back and is really difficult, not to mention lifting a big wagon into the van is not so easy either. One of the nurses spent a long time on the phone and found a a cheap wheel chair in Ian's size!!

When they asked him if he had been thinking about what color he wanted. He very cheerfully replied, "Yes, green". On the way out of the office Ruby who has gone 2 days with no nap was very tired and she fell down and whacked her wrist on the counter/floor. I am not sure what but she cried very hard and I attributed it to fatigue. After 2 hours she was still holding it saying it hurt and not using it (not even to rub in hand sanitizer) so I called at 4:45pm to both our primary care doctor and the Ortho Dr. and the Ortho Dr. told us to come right in since it happened there and they had all our info available. I understand it is not protocol but thank you so very much for allowing me to skip another 6 hour ER visit. Fortunately after taking X Rays they determined that it is not fractured, they were very surprised about that but said it is either sprained or really badly bruised. Ruby did not like holding still for the X Ray but when they said that they were going to take her picture I heard her say Cheese!

We finally went and picked up Ian's wheel chair and got home to start dinner at 6:30pm. Ruby iced her wrist while I cooked - Gourmet Chicken, Rice and Green Beans) and Ian got used to his new set of wheels. Erik is eyeing those and wondering how fast they can go--- Please no more breaks or sprains this week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Broken Bones

We went to our Keepers meeting yesterday and it was all going well. The girls worked on their writing and the boys worked on your badminton belt loop for boy scouts. After the meeting was over we were all hanging out and eating lunch before the Tiger Cubs had a field trip to the Fire Station. Ian rode Mordecai's bike down the wet grassy hill and around the corner. He wiped out on the grass and planted his leg to catch himself. I heard him crying and ran around back and got him. He was holding his leg at an odd angle and would not use it. I kinda thought he was exaggerating and that if it was still hurting after the Fire Station I would take him in. Both Chuck and Renee said, "no you need to take him in now." I figured that they had much more experience in this matter than me and that they don't take their kids in over nothing, just subcutaneous tissue. So I called Sean he met me at the ER and took Everett, Savannah, Taylor, Aaron, and Erik to the Fire Station. Ian and I spent the next 6 hours in the ER.
Of course, they always ask questions when you get to the ER. Here is the how the interview went:
Nurse: Is Ian up to date on his immunizations?
Me: No
Nurse: Was Ian wearing a helmet?
Me: No
Nurse: Is he in school?
Me: (he's only 4) No, I home school
Nurse: I see he is going to have a baby brother or sister soon, is this number 2?
Me: No, it's number 7

Needless to say I was not feeling very competent by this time.

They ended up splinting it so the swelling could go down. Taylor has been doing a great job helping out with Ian and coloring and playing games with him.

He's a brave little guy and the first of the boys to break a bone. The trouble is that they told me he is too young for crutches so at 6 months pregnant I will have to carry him for the next 4 to 6 weeks while his leg heals. He is to have absolutely no weight bearing on it. Hmmmm, should be interesting.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today I left Ruby inside while I went out to the garage to do more laundry. All of a sudden I heard a loud crash and crying outside. I started to get frusterated that Ruby got outside when I wasn't looking but went to find her and the frantic crys for help. I located Ruby in the flower beds under the boys window with a broken screen under her. I picked a very dirty hurt Ruby up and asked, Ruby what were you doing? She replied, "pooping in the windowsill" I told her we don't poop in the window, we poop in the toilet.
Off to the bath and more laundry

Real life at the Slocum's

Ok, so this conversation did not involve Ian but I thought he was a pretty handsome coyboy.
Aaron: Do you know how to remove the claws from a mole?
Me: Ummm, no not really why?
Aaron: Because Kemper (the hunter cat) killed a mole and I want to make a necklace out of mole claws.
Me: (turning around from the kitchen sink) PLEASE take the dead mole out of the house and throw it away. Mole claws are too small to make a necklace out of, you will have to kill a bear, those claws would make a good necklace.

How to torture your 6 year old

First, get a craving for Salmon for dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon, when your children have not napped yet.
Next, notice that if you buy 10 pounds or more of beans they are only $0.78 per pound and buy some.
Third, because you drug tired and hungry children to the store and expected them to behave and they did not comply. Have them snap all the beans when you get home so that you can cook some and can some. Then, let the 2 year old 'help' snap the beans (instead she ate some and spit some on the ground).
This is a perfect recipe for the torture of a 6 year old.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day at Home

We spent the day on Saturday catching up and cleaning up. Boys will be boys!! We had some rope to get rid of, rather than just throw it in the garbage the boys burned it up with a blow torch! I guess you can't tell your children not to play with fire when their dad is doing it with them. I was tired of the laundry basket with no handles so I asked Aaron to throw it away. Again, a simple task in my mind but in the mind of an 8 year old you must destroy it! Aaron used a hack saw, Erik used his leather man, they also used some other cutters (sorry Sean I don't know the name) to annihilate the laundry basket before putting it in the garbage can. Notice Ruby in the back, any time a camera is in use she thinks we are taking pictures of her.
Ruby is a great 'helper' she is a very hard worker. She does not let me slack at all. We have an abundance of dead birds and mice around here (our cat is a great hunter) and I really don't like cleaning them up. She insisted that I get the bag to throw the dead bird away when I did not stop what I was doing immediately she went and got the bag and was going to pick up the bird. I of course, then went to get the bird so she didn't touch it.

Ruby also did not like that her blanket, named Two, was dirty so she took the clean clothes out of the washer and put her blanket in the wash. She had asked me to put it in but I was not fast enough. I guess #6 learns to take care of things herself.

Sean and I came to a compromise with the lawn mowing. I like it mowed more often than he does and he does not want the boys using a gas mower. We pulled out our old push mower and everyone took turns mowing the whole yard! They were hot, sweaty and tired, but did good hard work, and mama was happy =) Granted, papa wasn't thrilled with the lack of any pattern on the lawn but the work was done.

We got our carpets cleaned, and took everything out of the living room and dining room and hall and boys room (except the beds) I loved the space!!! I felt so much better knowing all the junk was out of the carpet and hopefully they will stay clean for a little bit. Ian loved sitting on the couch in the kitchen and reading a book. I had to tell the realtor that wanted to show our house today that it just wasn't possible. Hopefully he will call again. We have had 3 showings and an open house this next weekend. Maybe now is the time to try and find somewhere for us to move.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Science and PE when you homeschool

We spent the morning inside 'doing school' by afternoon despite the fact that Ruby desperately needed a nap we called Ben and Syndi to go for a walk. Syndi wanted to spend the day inside in her sweats cleaning but I persuaded her to please come with us!! I love sunny September days when fall is almost here but summer is still hanging on. I especially gloat over the fact that we get to enjoy these days while everyone else is in school. We pretty much have parks, museums, you name it to ourselves.
I love Semiahmoo! We went for a walk along the path but since we were just getting over whatever it is that has been going around our family the children were wiped out after not a very long scooter ride. That is how we ended up at the beach. My children are always up for a trip to the beach however, I think this is a first since not one of them ended up soaked and needing extra clothes.

Look at the size of this jelly fish! I love the red color and Nemo is true that if you touch the top you don't get stung. I guess I would preface this with, we have never been stung and touched the tops of many jelly fish but don't quote me saying, "no jelly fish." I don't want to get sued.

Syndi is so pleasant to be around. she never seems irritated with my brood of young ones and is endlessly patient with them. Today Ruby and Ian were especially enamored with her and they spent lots of time exploring and I just breathed in the fresh salty air and felt the warm sun on my face. Ahhh I love the Northwest.

Taylor found 2 snakes but one got away. ever the explored and adventuresome girl. It was Erik that got nervous when the snake curled up and he dropped it. As often as not Taylor will be in a fancy dress, up a tree, catching frogs, cleaning up dead animals out of the yard, or taking care of her siblings. I love how she is growing up and not afraid to be herself. I continue to pray for a nice girl her age that lives close by for her to be friends with.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zucchini Soup

Saute: 1 medium onion
1 clove garlic in 2 Tbsp oil
Add: 10 cups chicken broth and 3/4 cup rice
simmer for 10 minutes
Add: 4 Cups grated zucchini
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp parsley
simmer for 15 minutes
4 eggs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
whisk into soup it is OK if it curdles.
Stir in 1/4 cup lemon juice serve hot or cold.
This recipe freezes well and makes a lot of soup.

Granola Bars

This is a much requested recipe and I apologize for taking so long to post it.
Granola Bars:
2/3 Cup vegetable oil
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup honey
2 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs
2 Cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 Cups Oats
1/2 Cup Wheat Germ
4 Cups Rice Crispies
1/2 Cup flax
2 Cups chopped nuts (I use sunflower seeds)
1/2 Cup sesame seeds (optional)
2 Cups Chocolate chips, raisins, craisins, or whatever else you may want to add.

Spray the pan (I use the pampered chef bar pan) and press mixture evenly into pan. bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes

Removing the Honey Super

We removed the honey super today. Much to our dissappointment, but not surprising we did not have any honey to harvest this year.
Sean is really enjoying beekeeping. He loves the smell of the propolis mixed with alcohol(used to remove propolis) and is a very good teacher.
Jake and Savannah came over for breakfast then stayed over while Mr. Sean opened the hive and they got to see the queen. She is doing a great job, there are lots of eggs and larva. Hopefully our hive will winter over well and we can prevent a swarm next year.

Fort Building

My children especially love fort building. It seems we have been stuck at home for weeks with someone puking. We have literally had one day with no puke in the last 3 weeks. What is going on? Well I wasn't feeling good along with several of the children so we made this fort to play in and eat lunch in and generally distract us.

Taylor organized the costumes for the theme of the fort and they had a whole day of playing different personalities. I love Ian's man voice and how Ruby just goes along with whatever they tell her.

Not Back to School --- Yet!

Ian loves to dress up, not matter the occasion. He is either in part of his Woody costume, or in a button up shirt and blazer. He wore the full Woody costume to our 'not back to school picnic'. Several homeschool families celebrated the start of school (public school) with turning in our declaration of intent forms then off to the church to have lunch and play games. We originally were going to the beach, but alas the weather did not cooperate.
Ian and Callie enjoyed games with Mrs. Vogee. The food was wonderful and fellowship was great!
The hat Taylor is wearing came from Mrs. Simpson (know as Mississippi) in our house. It can be seen on any of my children's heads on any given day. We definately will be doing game days more. especially on those cold rainy yukky Northwest days.

We will start our official school in a couple of weeks after Aaron gets back from California and I get my act together. We also have to finish the dreadful testing for last year - UGH>