Saturday, May 24, 2014

Special Treatment

Probably one of my favorite parts of Wyatt's birth was what I felt was Special Treatment. I have done so many hospital births and worked really hard to develop relationships with the nurses and doctors. I am never really sure how much they remember me, or value what I do. After the care and genuine smiles. Along with the time people took to encourage me, I know that they really do know who I am and value me and what I do when I am at the hospital.
Not only have I attended several births with Heidi, but she was one of my nurses when I delivered Liberty. She saw my name on the board and came in to give me a big hug and some words of encouragement. I was having contractions when Heidi came in, but her hug helped distract me and gave me a great boost of confidence.
Carolynn and Nurse Heidi 
Karen, is another nurse that I have worked with often, and was one of my nurses when I delivered Ruby. When the kids came in to meet their baby brother, Karen asked, "Which one of you is Ruby?" When Ruby smiled and said she was, Karen told her that she was one of the people who suggested Ruby's name.
I had many other nurses stop in to say hi and offer congrats after the baby was born. Dr. Madsen was my provider when I had the little girls and He came by to give me a great big hug. He said, "Finally, you get to bring one home this time."
I was concerned that my strong preferences would make me a difficult person to care for, while that may be true, I never, not even once felt like I was putting someone out, or that I wasn't important. When I noticed that my pic line had saline in it I requested that it be pulled immediately and my request was granted. When it became obvious that our original plan of having Sean deliver the baby was not going to happen, the doctor apologized to Sean.
All the way through the entire birth I felt protected and cared for. It was an amazing delivery.

Friday, May 23, 2014

1 Month

I can't believe Wyatt is already a month old. My sweet baby is growing so fast. 
I put away the newborn clothes when we got home from the hospital,  I was fine with the fact that he was in size 3 month clothes. However, it is hard to believe that he is already moving into size 6 month clothes. 
 There have been times that I have gone to put something on him only to find his hand won't fit through the sleeve, or, if I snap the onesie it pulls down off of his shoulders. We weighed him the other day (with Sean holding him on the scale) and he was over 13 pounds.
I absolutely love to sit and snuggle with him. He is such a sweet nurser. He just stares up at me, and nurses till that side is empty, then pulls off and waits for the other side. He hardly ever cries. Unless he has a dirty diaper or big burp. He loves to be swaddled and doesn't mind being held. Wyatt is consistently going between 4 and 6 hours between feeds at night. He does like to start his day early. I can relate to what my Mother In Law said the other day, "I love mornings, I just wish they didn't start so early." I am not ready to get out of bed until sometime after 8, well maybe closer to 9. Truth be told, it is more like 10 but Wyatt is ready to go at 6. I can coax another hour out of him if I am sitting in my chair holding him close, so that is what we are doing for now.
 There is Always a line of children waiting to hold him. Aaron likes him when he is awake, Ian wants him right after he nurses, Erik likes to be in charge of the diaper changes, Ruby loves to get him to sleep, Taylor likes to hold him while she is reading or doing school, and Liberty will take when ever and wherever she has the opportunity.
Erik is ever the diaper hoarder. He doesn't want the diaper to be wasted. He figured out how many diapers a day Wyatt uses and how much each diaper costs. He also figured out how much we have spent on diapers in the last 16 1/2 years, with the average child being in diapers for 2 years. I blocked out the number, you would have to ask him. He knows.
Wyatt loves to coo and talk.  He has the sweetest voice. His smile lights up the room. Aaron loves to smell him and rub his fuzzy head. I love to kiss those cheeks. Ian tries hard to get a smile. We have been so blessed with meals and gifts. I have some recipes that I am anxiously waiting to get a hold of. We were given a gift a few days ago that included 2 boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The children were ecstatic! They couldn't believe that they were going to get to eat store bought mac and cheese!
We attended a reunion class for a Childbirth Education Series that I taught last fall and Wyatt was the same size or bigger than some those babies.
He also has many nicknames already. Taylor calls him Little Chap. Sean refers to him as Baby Jep (the spoiled 4th son on Duck Dynasty). I have also heard Wy, Babykins, The Baby, and Little Dub.