Monday, October 8, 2012


Jake, Mr. Jason, Aaron, Erik
 Jake called and invited Aaron and Erik to come play Airsoft at Grampy's Farm! I was shocked when Aaron hesitated about going. After I discovered it was because he did not want to spend any of his money on more airsoft pellets, I understood a bit better.
I knew he loved playing, and loved Jake even more. It was really hard for this mama heart to see her son pass up on something I knew he would enjoy and would build his confidence. Spending time with men of integrity is valuable.
The Warriors waiting for more soldiers to arrive! 
Aaron came inside and was thrilled with a whole bag full of pellets! He spent about an hour picking up pellets from outside from where he had spilled them earlier this summer. Necessity is the mother of invention. He got even more when we drained the pool and the water made the ground soft!
They got to play for a couple of hours and loved every second of it. Mr. Jason and Mr. Marty were really wishing that Sean had come so they could have beat the boys! Mr. Marty had some sizeable welts, the boys put on quite a display. Most importantly, they had a fabulous time! Thanks Jake for the great idea and for making it happen! I heard a great quote the other day, that totally applies here, "It is better to build a boy than mend a man." I am being intentional in building my boys. What are you doing to build your boys?