Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All In A Days' Work

Some days life goes exactly as planned, other days not so much. One of my biggest challenges is doing projects that pertain to what we are learning, are challenging enough for the big kids and easy enough for the little kids. 

These super cute, bees wax candles fit the bill! They were easy enough for the little kids to have a relative amount of success, and challenging enough for the big kids to make look good.

Of course, if you are going to make candles you simply must try them out. If you are going to try them out why not outside where it is darker? The big challenge here was keeping the candles lit due to extreme wind conditions.

Ben discovered that the wax created a really cool pattern on the driveway when it hit the freezing rain. I had to put a stop to the children who were headed in the back yard to try the candle out while jumping on trampoline. I know, I ruin all the fun.

He only looks innocent. He blew out his candle when it was time, but quickly re lit it with an ember he had created.

When one invites a friend over for dinner it just tastes better in a tent that they created.

Even Sean did not seem to mind eating on the living room floor. I think he appreciated the fact that I used battery operated candles for lighting instead of our bees wax candles.

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