Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Glass Mountain

Ian's Finished Ornament
 One of my Cub Scout moms generously donated a gift certificate to Glass Mountain, a local glass blowing studio. I jumped at the opportunity. Glass Blowing is something I have wanted to try for years!
 A lot goes into the making of a glass Christmas Ornament
 4 of my Bear Scouts were able to attend. Each boy got to make his own Christmas Ornament. They got to choose the colors, the style (swirl, solid, speckled, etc.,) and got to heat the glass and blow the glass. Mr Ed, the artist, was extremely patient with the boys and very careful, but not crazy paranoid (like I might be inclined to be).
Ian Absolutely Loved Glass Blowing
Have you ever tried to explain something to a group of 8 year old boys? I can tell you it is by God's great mercy that I am able to keep their attention for more than 3.8 minutes. Mr. Ed kept them eagerly awaiting every word that was spoken. He was very clear, entertaining, informative, and interesting!
Paul refines his ornament in the Glory Hole
 I don't know if it's because I am a child of the 80's, or maybe just juvenile in my humor, every time Mr. Ed referred to the Glory Hole I had to stifle a laugh. The Glory Hole (laugh) was where the glass was heated up and kept soft and pliable. They had to keep heating the glass, then shaping it, heating it, adding color, heating it, shaping it, heating it, blowing... You get the idea. This wasn't a quick process.
I love the Joy on his face
Glass Mountain offers classes to make your own ornament for $35. While I don't even spend $35 on anything if I can help it, this would totally (80's again) be worth it. The entire studio is a feast for your eyes. Beautiful beads, ornaments, flowers, vases everywhere. We were mesmerized by the beautiful unique pieces everywhere! However, I  cringe thinking of his poor wife paying the utility bills!
4 of my Bear Scouts with the master glass blower, Mr. Ed
I think I persuaded Sean to take a couples class and design something to make together.
Erik T, blowing his ornament
I am a tiny bit jealous that Ian got to try it before I did, however, I do have a new favorite ornament! I love that he can look at the ornament every year and remember this experience. I love that his ornament looks like a marble and has his current favorite colors.
I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to create fun memories with my youngest son.

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