Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Big Hill"

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am really a big picture kinda girl. I love to go do things and often plan without a whole lot of though behind the details. 
Calvin, Ian, Erik, Aaron, Ruby
It was a gorgeous day, and I really wanted to go for a hike, but did not want to drive too far. I looked up some local hikes and found one not too far away. It was called Big Hill. In my mind 'Big Hill' means that a hill, not a mountain. It was also rated 4 star. To me, 4 star is a fabulous hotel. Something beautiful and to be desired. Apparently the star rating for hiking is a bit different than for hotels. A 4 star hike means DIFFICULTY. 

Erik eating sardines and pickles for lunch
 I guess that is common knowledge among hikers, I just missed that memo.
 I invited a friend with 4 children to go with me, on the hottest day of the year, to Big Hill and off we went. I was even more thankful for our Ergo as the hike proved to be too strenuous for Liberty. Ruby was able to hitch a ride on some of the boys some of the time.
Some of my girls
 Taylor really is a get her done kind of girl and doesn't waste time getting there. Her and a couple of the older children said they would wait 'up ahead'.
Ian was constantly looking for photo opportunities. and is the "protector of the littles". It's pretty funny to hike with children. I just keep plodding along where they run ahead, stop, wait, lag behind, climb a rock, climb a tree, slide down a hill, and run ahead.

Aaron, Ian, and Calvin
 Going straight up hill with a 30+ pound girl on your back does make your calves shake and burn, in case you wondered. We kept going up and up and up. Finally all the food we brought was gone, all the water was gone, all the little kid energy was gone, and the big kids were gone.
I waited in this small patch of shade while my friend went up ahead to find the older children. We waited a long time, a very, very long time.
Liberty and Ruby in the only shade we could find. 

I don't think we will have that problem again. We discovered that it was a 5 mile round trip hike with a 2,500 foot elevation gain. That's 1,000 feet per mile! On our way home we crossed a bridge and spotted a perfect swimming hole. I quickly pulled over and we all jumped in! Incredibly cold but refreshing. We missed the Personal Fitness meeting for Scouts, however, I think we got it covered. 
Shockingly, the children all begged to do it again! When clarified, I realized it was the swimming part that they wanted, thankfully, not the hiking part. 
We have returned to our swimming hole many times this summer. Now it's one of my favorite happy places.  

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