Saturday, May 24, 2014

Special Treatment

Probably one of my favorite parts of Wyatt's birth was what I felt was Special Treatment. I have done so many hospital births and worked really hard to develop relationships with the nurses and doctors. I am never really sure how much they remember me, or value what I do. After the care and genuine smiles. Along with the time people took to encourage me, I know that they really do know who I am and value me and what I do when I am at the hospital.
Not only have I attended several births with Heidi, but she was one of my nurses when I delivered Liberty. She saw my name on the board and came in to give me a big hug and some words of encouragement. I was having contractions when Heidi came in, but her hug helped distract me and gave me a great boost of confidence.
Carolynn and Nurse Heidi 
Karen, is another nurse that I have worked with often, and was one of my nurses when I delivered Ruby. When the kids came in to meet their baby brother, Karen asked, "Which one of you is Ruby?" When Ruby smiled and said she was, Karen told her that she was one of the people who suggested Ruby's name.
I had many other nurses stop in to say hi and offer congrats after the baby was born. Dr. Madsen was my provider when I had the little girls and He came by to give me a great big hug. He said, "Finally, you get to bring one home this time."
I was concerned that my strong preferences would make me a difficult person to care for, while that may be true, I never, not even once felt like I was putting someone out, or that I wasn't important. When I noticed that my pic line had saline in it I requested that it be pulled immediately and my request was granted. When it became obvious that our original plan of having Sean deliver the baby was not going to happen, the doctor apologized to Sean.
All the way through the entire birth I felt protected and cared for. It was an amazing delivery.