Sunday, November 30, 2014

7 Months

I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Wyatt was 7 months on the 16th. I know I am late. Seriously, I am happy to get anything done. I am living by the "It's the thought that counts", "Better late than never", and "I had the best intentions" club. 

Wyatt's favorite thing to do is roll
 These really were the best pictures that I could manage. You might notice his cute little 7 Month sticker, or the beloved quilt that has been in all his 'month' photos. Yes, they are there just not very well.

Can't keep this little guy in one place

 This month found Wyatt rolling all over the place. I might set him down in the family room and find him under the dining room table in no time flat! Much to their dismay it brought the end of Lego play for the big kids (at least Lego strewn all over the floor).
Wyatt discovered his tongue and makes the cutest sucking noises. He also intently watches anyone else and what they are doing with his tongue. He joins us for every meal and wants to try all the food we are eating. He has discovered that he can join, or dominate, a conversation by making his voice louder and louder. Wyatt loves to scream, look at lights, nurse, be tickled. He loves all sorts of animals: dogs (when they aren't barking), horses, cows, cats & kittens, and chickens. He laughs and touches them.

I love kissing those cheeks and his neck! 
He has also figured out how to throw a fit, kick, scream and even bite! He is still easy to put to sleep, all one has to do is swaddle him in a tight wrap and give him his binky. He naps well and sleeps fair. He wakes up happy.
Our little guy is already over 25 pounds!
He attended his second birth with me and did fantastic. At one point I was holding him on my hip and he reached out and touched the laboring mama with the sweetest chubby little hands. He also matched his noises to her sounds. He was quiet when she was quiet and cooed at her. He loved the birth ball.
Wyatt watches all that goes on around him, he likes to look out the window and will stare to figure something out.
He recently figured out how to sit up and is happy like that for quite some time. I adore how he sits, most of my children skipped the sitting. He is content in the Ergo. He plays for a long loud time in the Exersaucer.
He is notorious for eating homework that was left on the floor. Still loves to splash and kick in the bathtub.

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