Sunday, October 10, 2010


In September we went sailing with the big kids (Taylor, Aaron, Erik, Ian) and a wonderful couple from church. The children had a fabulous time and were amazing at steering the boat.
Erik especially liked the head, I think it was figuring out how to flush. Taylor was able to navigate us from about a mile out right into the marina.

Gene printed us out a chart of where we went and marked off where we were when each of the children took their turn at the helm. The most jagged line was where I took a turn!

Not related to the sailing trip at all, I wanted to share some snippets of conversation around our house. Bill Gates is often a topic of conversation at the breakfast table. I am not sure why, only that they know he has a lot of money and lives in Washington. The other morning Erik asked me how many children Bill Gates had. I replied that I knew he had one child but thought perhaps he has two. To which Erik exclaimed, "I am sure glad I am not one of his children. It is obvious that he values money more than he values life!"

Recently we were discussing things on earth that give us a glimpse of the joy we will experience when we get to heaven. Taylor said finding Nudibranchs at the beach, Erik said newborn babies, Aaron thought that a sunset brought great joy, and Ruby said the greatest joy she feels is when she gets a new pair of shoes.

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Alliwoo said...

Let Erik know that Bill and Melinda Gates care so much about life that they started the Gates Foundation that provides global health and global development resources to lives around the world that might not otherwise have it.

Pretty cool stuff the Gates are doing.