Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Give Me Some Chocolate!

Last month my momm, aka Geaba, arranged a trip for us to visit a chocolate factory. We went to Boehm's Chalet located in Issaquah.
The tour information promised chocolate tasting. I was in from the moment I learned that! We learned so much more than I anticipated. We learned that Julius Boehm was an accomplished Olympic Athlete, he was also a mountaineer and utilized those skills to escape the Hitler regime.

We toured the original house where The Boehm's lived and listened to his original Victrola. I tried to take a photograph of the recipes located on the counter but the lighting did not quite cooperate. There was ample art, which offended my children. It is difficult to explain the difference between art and porn. We just looked away and admired the decor that was appropriate.

As promised we were offered 4 pieces of chocolate to taste. I wanted to taste all the different types! Liberty loved that part and I was not able to snatch her pieces for myself. Never fear my mom came to the rescue and bought the children each their own piece and us several of the amazing hand dipped truffles.
The tour was over in 58.23 minutes, so we headed to a wonderful park and enjoyed our chocolate and some Starbucks we picked up on the way! My mom knows how to speak my language!
After I was able to take her car (complete with heated seats) and Kimberly and I enjoyed some rare time alone together. We stopped at a used homeschool bookstore, the grocery store and on to her house for a wonderful dinner.


Shawn said...

How wonderful for you Carolynn! That is the kind of mom I want to be to my kids when they are grown. Not having that kind of mother myself, I am taking notes everytime I hear of good ones. :)

Anonymous said...