Monday, November 1, 2010

More Better

Not a flattering photo of me but it is a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt out there shooting guns! I almost think I was more giddy than the boys. However I saw Sean's fabulous smile on his face the whole time we were out there. I love that smile, I wish we saw it all the time. He frequently says he is smiling ~ inside. Sorry but that doesn't count.
Aaron loved how the M4 obliterated the pumpkins.

I wouldn't want to run into Syndi if she were brandishing an assault rifle in a dark alley. That girl can shoot with amazing accuracy. Thank you so much for infecting me with the bug.

There is something pretty cool about a mom using her son's .22.

I could try to blame my poor vision, or the fact that it was my first experience shooting an M4, but in reality I can't tell you how much of the pumpkins I actually hit. I was having far too much fun with the power and speed of gun to really pay too much attention to the minor detail of where the bullets were going.

Tim is an excellent marksman and offered great pointers. He even patiently taught me how to properly hold the pistol. I really appreciate his respect for guns and safety including instruction about the proper use of firearms.

Erik could use a magazine of bullets in seconds. His aim left a little to be desired but we cut him some slack as I think the rifle was nearly as long as he is tall.

He was much more accurate when resting the gun on the table. This boy can be the most trying and most rewarding child at the same time. This time he was pure joy!
This is a tradition I highly recommend, especially when rotten pumpkins are involved.


Syndi said...

If you give a mom a pumpkin, she's going to want to let her sons shoot it. If she lets her sons shoot the pumpkin she'll see how much fun it is and she'll want to shoot it too. So, you'll give her a .22. If you give her a .22, she'll shoot a great group in the pumpkin but then she'll want to make bigger holes. Then she'll ask you for an assault rifle. If you give her the assault rifle she'll make bigger holes and more noise. She'll like that but she sees there's still pumpkin left. So she'll ask for a shotgun. If you give her a shotgun she'll blow the pumpkin apart.

That will make her think of pumpkin pie. So,she'll go home and make one. While she's eating it, she'll think of shooting pumpkins... then she'll want to shoot your .22

Taylor said...

You are the best! I haven't seen If you give a mom a pumpkin in the If you give a pig a pancake series! You forgot about her reminding her friends to watch out for bullets when they are eating the pie!