Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am back!! The move to our new home has been so incredibly busy! I really had no idea how much work it was going to be to move. I continue to be amazed at the many ways that God provides for my every need.
We still had absolutely no idea where we were going 6 days prior to closing on the sale of our Birch Bay home. A friend remembered this place and gave us the information and we had to wait for the landlords to come back from Europe! We were able to move some of our stuff in the garage while this house was being cleaned so that I could clean our other house in time.
God has given us more than we could ask for in our little piece of heaven. We have more than doubled our living space and have 25 Acres to explore and conquer! The children have already made at least 4 forts! We were able to acquire 5 laying hens and are getting about 3 eggs every day! Sean is looking into buying 25 more!
Our landlord is the most gracious patient man I have ever met. He gives the children rides on the hay wagon and the tractor, he has taught them how to bottle feed the 5 calf's born since we have been here, He prepared our gigantic garden for us to plant, and fixes anything I ask on the day I ask for it!
It brings me joy to see my children so content (except Erik's obsession with obtaining a Quad).
We still want to buy our own home and when we went to look at something the other day the children, and Sean were all lamenting the fact that they did not want to leave where we live. Erik says he wants to live here till he dies!  We have discussed buying this place, and it seems to be an option.
We so appreciated all the prayers and the many ways God used people to give us exactly what we needed when we needed it and not before.
I am so happy to be back, to have Internet and finally catch up on what others have been up to, and catch you up on our new adventure!

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