Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birth and More

I am so incredibly behind. I am currently waiting for 2 more babies, training for a half marathon, planning school, unpacking (still) and managing 5 chickens (soon to be 11), a gi-normous garden, scouts, dental visits, birthday parties, BBQ's, Hunter Ed courses, and whatever other pressing needs.

Last week while I was at a birth I texted Syndi (who graciously loved my children in my absence) and asked how things were going. She replied: Great! Lib's napping, playing charades, Thumbelina (our rabbit)had her babies, ate most of them.

I almost fell over laughing. I was floored that the rabbit was even pregnant. The children have been trying to mate her since we moved, guess it finally worked.

I did not know rabbits ate their young or even how to prevent it. I also wondered how Syndi handled this completely unexpected and tragic event.

The children rescued one baby (I think it is called a kit) and talked Sean into purchasing $17 formula (The things that occur in my absence, I never even spent close to $17 on all 3 bunnies and their hutches.) and they fed him through an eye dropper.

Unfortunately he died from cold after 3 days. Come to think of it I need to ask what they did with all those kits....


Crystal in Lynden said...

Hi, this blog at Herding Grasshoppers has a similar story.

Syndi said...

They buried them in the bunny cemetary under the "bunny tree" all by themselves. I never even saw them. :]