Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy (Meal)

In November we attended a Harvest Party at our church. The children each received a coupon for a free Happy Meal from Mc Donald's. The thing is I know that a Happy Meal alone is not enough food to count for a meal at our house, even for the 4 year old.

Libby's 1st (and only) Barbie
However, we were out running errands and I had failed to anticipate how long we were going to be away from the house. I pulled out the Happy Meal Coupons that some of the children gave me and they were the ones who got to eat!  Just Kidding, I did buy my 2 gluten free children (who did not have their coupons) some french fries.
When we were in the drive through Liberty exclaimed,"This is my first time at Mc Donald's!"While I am not exactly sure that this was true, I honestly can''t remember the last time we ate at Mc D's.
The children were thrilled, albeit still hungry. To add icing on the cake, Liberty got a Barbie in her Happy Meal. She happily let everyone know that she just got her very first (and only) Barbie!
Later, the children individually asked me why I didn't give them lunch that day. Point proven, no nutrition in a meal doesn't count as a meal.

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Crystal in Lynden said...

The last part is so funny. I've had my kids say the same thing.