Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meal Plan Monday (A Day Early)

A few weeks ago my big kids were gone. So, I decided to go grocery shopping in the Honda Car. 
 Our first stop was Cash & Carry. I quickly realized that bringing the Honda probably wasn't the best idea around. While it is friendlier on the gas budget, it isn't so friendly on space.
After I dropped the children off (with their lunches) at Tami's house I loaded the back of the car with a 50 pound bag of potatoes, 25 lbs of Oatmeal, 20 lbs of Flour, and 20 lbs of Cane Sugar as well as the other 'smaller' groceries.
 I picked the kids up, we ran a few errands then hit Costco. I knew this was my opportunity to grocery shop and that we were going to have to be creative in fitting groceries and children in the car. I purchased TP (It was on sale), A ream of paper (also on sale), cheese, 4 packages of bananas, as well as our other usual groceries.
 Yes, TP and Paper fit the grocery category in our house. Our current grocery budget is $500 per month. Out of curiosity I divided the budget by the number of people in our house and the number of days in a month.
We are feeding our family for $2. 08 per person per day! Granted this does not include our eggs (from our chickens) or the 1/2 beef my mother in law gave us for Christmas, but it does include toiletries.

It does,however  involve a fair bit of creativity, and it isn't easy but we are doing it. God is faithful, he provides. We got some leftovers from a training at Sean's work and were able to freeze some for future meals and eat a few meals from them while we were at it. Plus I got a bonus night of not having to cook. 
So here goes: 
     Breakfast: Granola and Berry Smoothies
     Lunch: Chicken Salad, String Cheese, Granola Bars
     Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, Pot stickers, Asparagus
    Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries and slivered almonds
    Lunch: fried rice (we are studying about China this week)
    Dinner: Turkey and rice soup
    Breakfast; Dutch Babies
    Lunch: homemade pizza, regular and Gluten Free
    Dinner: Taco Soup with sour cream, avocado, and chips
     Breakfast: granola with raspberries and yogurt 
     Lunch: quesedillas
     Dinner: BBQ meatloaf, broccoli, and potatoes
     Breakfast: scrambled eggs and cereal
     Lunch: string cheese, granola bars (homemade), powerballs, and apple slices
     Dinner: Pulled pork (sandwiches or over rice), and brussel sprouts, 
     Breakfast: oatmeal with Craisins
     Lunch: Same as Friday (we have the Whatcom County Youth Fair both days)
     Dinner: Pad Thai

So happy that's done! What's on your menu this week? 

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