Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'll Give You a Dollar If...

I like to keep my family guessing, I like to surprise them. This time I think I saw Sean's jaw hit the floor. I brought home some Sushi (not shocking, occasionally we do enjoy a culinary treat) What surprised everyone was when I saw the packet of Wasabi (really hot paste) I offered a dollar to to whomever would eat a 1/2 a teaspoon of it.
Actually I said, "I'll give you a buck if you eat some."
I have one child in particular that I knew would take me up on the offer because he wants money and he can't pass up the opportunity to have everyone pay undivided attention to him.
Sean came to the rescue and said they only had to eat 1/8 teaspoon (which was sufficient).

As Erik was psyching himself up for the challenge, Aaron got 'er done and ate the Wasabi followed (rather accompanied) by a huge swig of water.
I amended the rules to say that the water could only be drunk after the Wasabi was swallowed. I know I have a morbid sense of humor but I was laughing so hard tears were coming out my eyes and the boys had tears out their eyes from the burn.

Erik couldn't be beat and ate the paste and immediately grabbed for his glass of water but couldn't think straight and ran to the kitchen, stuck his head in the sink and turned on the water full blast!
All for a little dinnertime entertainment. What do you do during dinner?


Steph :o) said...

Thanks for a good laugh this morning! We all had a big laugh last night when Jay prayed at dinnertime. Ever have one of those times when everyone bursts out laughing in the middle of someone's prayer? :o)

Jess said...

Look at that smile on Sean's face! I knew he had it in him! :)