Friday, February 18, 2011

2 Boys + 2 Injuries = 4 Hours in the ER

I Declared Thursday a no school day. We were planning on cleaning and playing games. We were going to have Ben and Syndi over for games and lunch. 
big kids cleaning upper cabinets
Wednesday evening Ian was jumping on the trampoline and landed wrong on his ankle. Ian often falls and is a bit dramatic so I decided to wait and see if he would forget about it. He didn't.

little kids cleaning lower cabinets
I feel like regular cleaning of things that often get neglected is essential to not losing control.  I also think it is vital for all the children to be involved and invested in the cleaning (even if I could do it faster and better with out them). The added bonus is that when they are working they are not messing up what was already done, or getting into trouble. OK so that isn't an added bonus that IS the bonus.

Liberty always wants to help. When she couldn't find a free space in the kitchen she got her rag out of the bathroom and went to clean the table. 

There, Libby found a spot to help clean the kitchen.
When I got down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor I noticed lots of dust bunnies collected on the feet of the fridge. I pulled the fridge out from the wall and Erik spotted some long lost walkie talkies. He proceeded to dive through the dust to be the first to lay claim on the coveted toy. In the process he dislocated his shoulder on the fridge. 
Erik, Ian and I on our way to the ER
Fortunately, Syndi was already at my house (it is a true friend that you let see behind your fridge). I took Erik to the Doctor and they told me the severity of the injury required and X-ray and a trip to the ER. I took him home, packed lunches, Ipod, coloring books, and books. Then I cancelled Ian's appointment to have his foot Xrayed later in the day and took him with.

trying to keep the patients comfortable.
The ER doc was very good with the children and was relatively quick for the Emergency Room.  Erik did not need an X ray after all, his shoulder went back in on it's own, which 'Almost Never' happens. They told him to let it rest for a few days then he should be good as new. I wonder if climbing the play set, riding your bike one handed while talking on said walkie talkies and rolling your stiff shoulders around counts as 'letting it rest'?
Ian had his foot X rayed and they were surprised that it was not fractured but they could see swollen, stretched tendons and ligaments. They said to immobilize it and gave him a pathetic brace 5 sizes too big. I ended up wrapping it with an Ace bandage. I declined the crutches that were offered figuring that they would cause him to fall and/or become a weapon. Ian is jumping or crawling wherever he wants to go and I figure that we will all be better by Monday.
So there you have it, a sprained ankle on the trampoline, and a dislocated shoulder on the fridge.

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Amy W. said...

oh boy.. sounds like boys for you. :p Glad that nothing was broken and hoping everyone healed well.