Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day

I love to look for ways for my children to serve others. I am very uncomfortable in nursing homes and I want them to understand that we do things for others even if we don't really like it ourselves.
We decided to make Valentines and goodies to pass out to the residents at a local nursing home. My friend Shelly, regularly takes her children to play music for the residents.

We visited with them and gave them our valentines. Ruby loved talking with the ladies. She chose the woman with the perfect hair and pretty lipstick and 'let' her hold her baby doll.

Ellie played the piano, Amy and her children sang a beautiful hymn and we recited Psalm 1. After passing out snacks we headed to Amy's house for a Valentine Party of our own.

Luke's face pretty much sums up how much fun we all had! We passed out our own cards to each other, ate way too much candy and played hard. It was bitterly cold outside with huge wind gusts that knocked the little kiddos over. Only the bigger kids got to play outside on the trampoline. Ruby found a friend her age and they were like two peas in a pod playing dress up. The boys loved wrestling and sword fighting and the babies played kitchen, with Libby serving Justus everything he did not want. It was wonderful to have Taylor hang out with the women and fit in nicely.


Rebecca M said...

What a super way to share the love on Valentines Day!

amy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Carolynn. It sure was a fun day! I hope to do more more often with you guys. Everyone here is a big fan of your family!