Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give Me A Break!

Give Me A Break.

Ian's ankle is healing quite nicely and not much keeps him down. Erik can hardly stand the sling and tolerates wearing it as long as he can still ride his bike and play Legos. Taylor was out jumping on the trampoline Saturday and her and Aaron collided mid air, and she couldn't walk. We decided to wait until Sunday and take her to urgent care. We waited as long as the ER but a little more cost effective. Her Xrays were inconclusive and they think it is either a hairline fracture or a really bad sprain. We were off to Goodwill to buy some crutches and we wrapped and splinted her ankle.
We enjoyed some time together and she kept herself occupied while I had coffee with some friends. Then, on our way home we were chatting happily and I looked over at something and when I looked back there was a deer standing in the middle of the road! I hit the poor thing and drug it about 200 yards. It did not get up and run away, but it wasn't dead either. We called 911 and they came to deal with the problem. Now I have kids with 2 bum ankles and bad shoulder and a van in need of a new grill and radiator. I sure hope next week is better.


amy said...

Carolynn! I am praying right now that the Lord would give you a break! And that He would give you all that you need to deal with all of these crazy little trials!
I am thankful that in a few weekends we get to have a break together!!!!

Carolynn said...

I am counting down the days until we get to fellowship! Thank you for the prayers.