Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's A Girl!

Most of the time I would say I am pretty reasonable. I generally don't give in to my children's whims, or fleeting desires.
This time, Erik's birthday wish was to have his very own bunny. I like animals but I do not go out of my way for them. Sure I will swerve to miss hitting them if possible, I feed them, and will even pat them occasionally.
Erik on the other hand LOVES animal and wants all animals to have a good life.
Since it is not easy to wrap a rabbit we 'blindfolded' Erik and lead him around the yard till he stopped in front of the hutch. He was shocked!

My friend Shelly found this bunny with hutch and food on Craigslist and I was sold!
Her name is Thumblina but Erik has called her Stellaluna, Leapster, and Erika. Hopefully he will settle on a name soon.

We don't know much about rabbit care. He is taking a rabbit class at the Youth Fair so we should get a better picture of what is involved. He loves to hold the bunny and is trying to make friends but he is a little gun shy and afraid.

He said he never thought in a million years he would get a bunny. I think we won some cool parent points!

The really funny part is that Taylor thought we were crazy and should not let Erik get a bunny. She did not want on in her yard, not on a train, not in the rain, She did not want a bunny! Now she is saving up her money and wants to buy her own bunny.


Nicole said...

I love this, Carolynn! He looks so delighted. I just love his smile. Karina and I had bunnies that we kept at Opal and Bob's. I loved my bunny bit I can't remember her name. Happy birthday Erik!

Anonymous said...

owesome erik