Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Off!!

We are heading out for The Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference this weekend! We have been every year and it is a wonderful time to fellowship with other homeschoolers, be inspired, encouraged, and challenged in our mission.

Libby practicing her driving skills in the driveway.
This year's speaker is Kevin Swanson. He is an amazing Godly man that has no problem engaging the children, they love to watch him and listen to his message.

In the midst of all this we had an appraisal done today, I have gone and looked at several rental all of which won't work for one reason or another, and packing and purging.
I hope your weekend is filled with as much fun as mine!

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Bob Shupe said...

We would love to hear some follow up from you about the conference. Did you have a fun time, meet anyone new, see anyone you hadn't seen in a long time, the teaching, new resource discovered in the vendor hall etc., etc? We had such a great time there ourselves. Im sorry we didnt know you were going as we would have loved to meet up with you.