Sunday, April 3, 2011

My New Right Hand

I am a list maker for sure. I like to touch paper and feel paper and check things off. The problem is that often the papers get misplaced and my 'helpers' check things off before they are completed. With my newest toy, Oops I mean tool, Everything is in one place.
I was eligible for an upgrade a few months ago but I did not want to leave Verizon and I wanted the iPhone really bad. Where we live Verizon has the best service and rarely kicks me into Roaming in Canada.  Finally Verizon started carrying the iPhone Sean generously gave me his upgrade credit and I was able to get one! 
I am not a technology junkie and I hardly ever get the latest and greatest of anything. I drive a paid for '02 stock vehicle, use a dinosaur desktop computer and my children occasionally play Sean's original Atari! This was a splurge but has simplified things greatly for me. I love my new ESV Bible App! All I have to do is have my iPhone with me and I can look up any passage in the Bible with one finger! I also now have an App with all my grocery lists in one convenient place, no more are they lost or forgotten. All my appointments and commitments are in One Handy Place that I always have with me!
What are some Apps you have that I really should get? Can anyone Please tell me how to use the hands free feature?


Anonymous said...

itunes has some free ones for: tracking your daily water intake, period tracking, running training, pedometer,and of course games. My favorite org app is Intuition; favorite games: Flood it, rocket mania, blocks. Only I have an ipod touch, no iphone! =) Love ya, Aniss.

Alliwoo said...

Do you not just LOVE it!! I love mine and had a mild panic attack when it was "lost" for a couple hours. It would be a bad bad day if my iphone was lost :)

Alliwoo said...

All Recipes

Groupon (is a must!)

Red Box (you can reserve movies from your phone and pick them up at the nearest red box)

My bank has an app. I can check my balance right from my phone.

Starbucks. Kendall loads his giftcards to the app and he can pay with his phone! They scan the barcode on the screen. Its super cool.

Anonymous said...

yours is super cute pink i like it better than my moms ......:)!!!!! see you soon 4-6 days love you ...~Savannnh