Monday, September 26, 2011

I Finished!

This weekend I completed my first Half Marathon. I signed up for the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon. I used to be a runner but had not been running for a long time. My good friend and Chiropractor, Dana, challenged me to train for it.

Syndi met us at the starting line and was our number one fan all the way through the whole race! She taught her son exactly what a woman wants as far as encouragement and support go.
I have never been part of a race this big. I was surprised when I went to pick up my race packet how many people and vendors were there.

The longest I have run during our training was 12 miles. Dana is the perfect partner for me because during one of our long training runs she directed us to turn down a specific street. I asked why we needed to go that way and she sheepishly replied, "Because there is a garage sale." We paused our training and did a little shopping.

I am used to running with my iPhone and it tells me distance and time but I did not want to wear it during my run because the arm band chafes. It was really difficult for me, not knowing how far we were or what our pace was. Eventually (mile 5) we figured out where the mile markers were and compared that to how long we had been running. I was pleased to discover that we averaged a 10.5 minute mile! Faster than any of our training and without any pauses for garage sales.

The children made us signs, I really wish I would have gotten a picture of them with the signs. I loved Aaron's it read: "Go Carolynn! Run, Run, Run, Love, Your Son!"
The last mile was by far the hardest. When I rounded the last turn and saw how far away the finish line was I almost cried. I had great visions of finishing strong and sprinting across the finish. I really wanted to quit or cry but all the people cheering us and Dana telling me I could do it, I did!
It felt like the finish just kept getting farther away and I was never going to get there.

Despite the massive wind and adrenaline rush from the night before with no sleep and not having actually run 13.1 miles before I did it!

It was super fun to have my family, my mom and Kimberly, Dana's family and lots of people I knew along the way cheering for us. Several times I heard people cheering for me and Dana would ask how I knew that person, every time it was because I had been their Doula. It was pretty amazing to me how many of them were there.

I got hugs and congrats from my children. They were especially impressed with my Medal. They want me to wear it everyday, which I happily oblige. Although Erik prayed that I would get first, or second, maybe even third I was thankful that I completed it.


Stacy said...

Great job, Carolynn! That is so impressive (says me, who is sitting on my bum here at 12:38 at night, eating my Starbucks ice cream!)

I love it that you're proudly wearing that medal *and* that Erik was hoping for a first-place finish for you. :)

Chantel said...

So proud of you!!! I must have been the only one who didn't have you as a doula. Hopefully that was okay. =) You were fabulous! Glad I got to run some of that last mile with you!!! Yeah for the down hill towards the end. Is it too early to say if you are "in" for next yr? I'm hoping I'm injury free and can do my first Half. It is such a fun event!!!

Bridget said...

Way to go! What an accomplishment...

Anissa said...

You are AWESOME!!!! Whoo-hooo! Makes me want to try (again) to start running. But wait, I forgot. I kinda sorta suck at it! But YOU totally rock. Plus you look cute doing it. You're amazing! Love you!

Carolynn said...

Thanks All I really appreciate the encouragement! Stacy, (I can't seem to be able to post on your blog, UGH) I did eat some Ben and Jerry's this week too! I ate the whole pint all by myself!
Chantel, you were awesome, I was disappointed that the finish wasn't right after the second corner. But your cheery smile were a huge motivator!!! I will be doing a couple more halfs as soon as my hip feels better. Hoping to do a full next year.
Thanks Bridget, I always am inspired by all that you do, and I wanted to work to be in better shape to do more with my children.
Aniss, You Rock! I love you girl. I remember you training to walk your marathon and that is really no less of an accomplishment. I think it is more difficult because it takes longer and therefore needs more perserverance!

Anonymous said...

way to go mrs.carolynn!!!!savannah