Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Lotta Things We Don't Do

This Summer seemed to be full of a lot of things we just don't do.
We don't send our kids to camp. This summer I co-led a group of 12 cub scouts for a week long twilight camp. Twilight camp is day camp in the evening. After the first 10 minutes I wanted out!
Erik with his 'Target' from BB Shooting
We stuck it out because of the commitment I made to lead. I gave my children the option of not going but earning the BB Shooting and Archery belt loops and sports pins were very important to them.  Aaron helped out in the kitchen and enjoyed getting to eat.
I realized it was not just my own personal hell but that I could bless these other children and my children made a good impression on others.
However, at the end of camp one of the other leaders said that she hopes to see me next year. I said we would NEVER be back, but that it was nice to meet her.

We also don't send our children to camp. Aaron and Sean went to Camp Pigott with Aaron's Boy Scout Troop of a week this summer.  Thankfully, This camp was 1,000 times better than twilight camp.
The boys were with their patrol the entire time and learned a lot of useful skills. That is definitely something we will do again.
I also never take 3 births a month and this summer I had 3 births every month! Each one was a blessing and a miracle and I feel privileged to participate. It was a lot of time away from my family and both physically and mentally exhausting!
We had an amazing summer! Some are things we want to do again, others we will just skip.

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