Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift Of Time

My blog has been particularly quiet lately. I have been busy. Busy with births, with spending time with family and cherished friends, and celebrating life.
A small sample of goodies on the Honey Table
My dear friend Kelly, invited me to her Gift of Time Celebration this year. It is a Gift to her friends to have time to complete projects, start Christmas cards, and catch up with friends. Kelly does everything with elegance and grace. She wrote a personal, meaningful card to each guest. Words of encouragement are like food for my soul.
When I have the opportunity to spend time with Kelly we talk as fast as we can, so we can fit it all in in the limited time that we have.  Kelly passes out Goal sheets when we arrive and we receive beautiful gifts for each goal we complete. When I first began attending the Gift Of Time I had very lofty goals, like completing a scrapbook album, or making Christmas gifts. You must realize that I am very goal oriented and I like to check off lists.  I have since lowered my goals; eating dessert, having a cup of coffee, and I usually throw in a 'real' goal or two like planning the next scout meeting, and making some new chore cards. Kelly's generosity blessed both me and my family. We ate gingerbread pancakes from a mix she made for us, berry oat muffins again from  a mix she made.
I came home renewed and refreshed with some wonderful baked goodies, candles, a new coffee cup and some other wonderful treats. Kelly always provides a 'Honey Box" for the women to fill with desserts  to bring home to our Honey.
I am so thankful that God has provided me with friends who support and encourage me as a Godly woman, wife, and mother. These are the women who will hold me accountable and build me up.
Thank you Kelly for providing that time and friendship for me.

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Jo's Corner said...

What a wonderful friend! I would give anything to have friends like that. I love your blog, by the way. How great is it to be a Doula and to experience a new life come into the world?!! Bless You! ~ Jo