Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Jade Rachel

Me & Jade 
I love being a Doula! It is incredibly rewarding. It is also extremely stressful at times. On Sunday November 6th I received a call from one of my clients, thinking she might be in labor. After hanging up with her I got a call from another client thinking she might be in labor too!
I think it is important to be available for my clients and I promise to be on call for 2 weeks prior to their due date up to 2 weeks after their due date, if needed.  I don't have a back up because I believe that they hire me, not just my services. I got down on my knees and prayed. One of my best friends, Tami, was one of the calls. I also did not want to abandon my client who was depending on me. Fortunately, neither of them progressed and I got a good night sleep.
Jade Rachel

Sean and I were looking at a house on Tuesday afternoon when I got another call from Gina. I hurried home, gave instructions for finishing dinner, grabbed my bag and headed to their house.
I could tell labor was progressing, but she was still in early stages. Dave offered to make us a delicious spaghetti dinner and Gina made some of her family's famous garlic bread. Definitely better than the Tuna casserole my family was having!
We had a long night of laboring at home with massage, baths, sifting, chugging, position change, relaxation, and walking. I finally started to see a pattern and when her contractions were 3-4 minutes apart for 2 hours and were much more intense we decided to head to the hospital. It was a very cold morning so Dave went and started both of our vehicles to warm them up! What a gentleman!
We were shocked when we arrived at the hospital and she was only 1cm! We decided to stay in triage and have her get some IV fluids because she had been vomiting so much. We all were able to sleep for a few minutes. I fell asleep sitting on a stool, with my head rested on her bed. I only woke up because I was snoring and drooling! That was a first for me, falling asleep.
I guess that was just what she needed was to completely relax for a bit, because when she woke up they did an exam and she was at 4cm!
The doctor agreed that she was in labor and admitted her to the hospital.
Gina had the kind of labor and birth I have always dreamed of. She was allowed to labor without intervention. She had an amazing doctor and the best nurse I have ever worked with. They really honored Gina's birth plan, did minimal exams, completely supported my role and even offered to help me!
The Happy Family!
Gina only pushed for an hour and a half, and the doctor let the Dave deliver the baby. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! They delayed cord clamping for a full 8 minutes, then Daddy got to cut the cord. Baby Jade wiggled her way to the breast and began nursing like a pro! 
This was the most natural, unobstructed hospital birth I have ever witnessed. It gave me renewed hope and faith in the medical profession.  I was home reading to my children within 24 hours!
Truly it is a honor to witness the miracle of birth. 
Congratulations Dave and Gina! Thank you for sharing your miracle with me. 


Chantel said...

So when did Tami have her baby in relation to this one?

I bet you are just awesome as a doula!!!! If only I was having another one. =)

Carolynn said...

Thanks Chanel, That one comes next. Tami's labor started 24 hours later, and was born 30 hours after that. I love what I do! You could always have another one....