Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Mama and Liberty making Pistachio Pie
I wasn't sure until a few days before if we were even going to have guests for Thanksgiving. It was such a pleasant surprise when everyone we invited said Yes! I was thrilled to have my Mother In Law, Grandma Chris, come up a few days before to help with preparations.
Grandma Chris and Liberty Making Pumpkin Pie
Liberty conveniently found herself a stool and some counter space to help in the kitchen. She has quite a little sweet tooth and has discovered that by helping she can also taste.
Taylor making Pumpkin Pie and Crescent Rolls
To my amazement Taylor wanted to help and did a fabulous job. Maybe it is just me, and my micromanagement of the kitchen but I practically have to beg her to try cooking. This time she willingly helped and made crescent rolls equal to my Mother In Law's!
Clockwise from front:Ian, Papa, Ruby, Delores, Gene, Ryan,Loden, Karina,Chris,Taylor, Aaron
I feel so blessed when I see the faces around my table and the bounty of food we prepared. The best part is being able to eat on the leftovers all weekend! Ruby usually eats like a bird and talks like a parrot! This meal was quite different, she kept wanting to eat more but was extremely worried that she would not have enough room for the Pistachio Pie! She sighed great big and had such a dilemma over whether to take another helping of Brussel sprouts and cranberry relish and risk being too full for pie!
Clockwise from front Right: Ryan, Loden, Karina, Chris,Taylor, Aaron, Mama, Ian, Papa,Liberty, Erik, Ruby, Gene
Aaron was thrilled with the abundance and with all the delicious food. He exclaimed, "This is my best meal ever!" When I asked, "Why?" He replied, "Because we have family and friends to share it with!"
I love that boy. Sometimes he melts my heart.
I love surrounding myself with people and feed on the energy and enthusiasm. After Chris and I were almost done with preparations Sean walked in and said, "Everyone is going to be here soon. This is going to be a lot of work."
It made me stop and realize that what energizes me, and makes me happy is a lot of work for him. I am so Thankful that he was willing to host and took the effort to create some wonderful memories for the family.
Delores, a friend from our Church in Blaine, brought the most delicious coconut chocolate torte! She also made Brussel Sprouts that even I liked! They were actually good.  No really, they were good!
Gene and the boys playing Guess Who
I appreciated the help cleaning up. The saying of many hands make light work is true! We all did a little and then were able to fellowship, play music, paint toenails, talk, laugh, play games, drink coffee, and eat dessert!
We really missed having Mikaela with us, but it was wonderful to hear her voice and comforting to know she was served a turkey dinner at work! Wish I could have sent her some fresh from the oven sweet potato casserole.
Liberty finally found Aunt Karina willing to paint her nails. 
The best part of Thanksgiving is hearing from my children that they are most thankful for their family. God has blessed us richly in that department and it is easy to selfishly want to do what I want, when I want. When I stop to reflect on all that I have learned being a mom to many I am humbled to realize that He is molding me and shaping me into His Image. To be more like my Savior I have to lay down my selfishness and put others before myself. When I do that I am much more content and more satisfied. 

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