Monday, December 5, 2011

There You Go

Sean took these lovely pictures of me last night and said he didn't think they would ever appear on the blog. Here they are. I Typically don't like my picture taken and immediately delete the bad ones.  
I was preparing for our Cub Scout meeting and burned two of my fingers on the hot glue gun. Instantly I put my fingers in my mouth to cool the burn and glue got stuck on my lip. As I am typing this I feel like an idiot, but also it is pretty funny. Now I have a beautiful blister on my upper lip and it hurts bad!

Sean was feeding the bull yesterday and cutting up the apples for him,  he loves apples! We realized that when he came in bleeding all over the place we were inadequately stocked for first aid supplies. The funny thing is that last week Aaron was working on some requirements for Boy Scouts and I have a First Aid supply list on my fridge that I need to purchase. When Aaron made the list I thought, "We have never had those things in our house, why do I need to buy them?" It would have been really helpful to have some 3X3's! Sean has to go in today to see if he needs stitches, The cut is pretty bad, and won't quit bleeding.

I ran 2.6 miles on the treadmill this morning and need to get my children's assignment sheets ready for them, then we are off to scouts and purchasing the last few supplies for a batch cook tomorrow.
Happy Monday! I hope you feel as ambitious as I do, only slow down and be careful!

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Stacy said...

Well, I think that IS a lovely picture!

You're beautiful, Carolynn!