Friday, May 4, 2012

Farm Life, Or Should I Say Death?

I opted for a photo less post today because of the heartbreak my children experienced this morning.

Erik has been working on his World Conservation Badge for WEBELOS, We have identified many animal tracks from books and the Internet. This morning we successfully identified Very Large cougar tracks. The tracks were all through the barn, the yard, by the chicken coop and heavily concentrated by the bunny hutches.
Two of the hutches were torn apart, one with the bottom ripped out, the other with the door bent in half and pushed inside the hutch.  The only thing left of the bunnies was some fur. One of the bunnies was part of a mating pair that Taylor was hoping to start her business with. She was pregnant and due to kindle in time to have bunnies ready for the fair.
Erik purchased his Flemish Giant earlier this week at the Auction. He beat out an old man at the last minute on his new bunny. He thought he was getting a buck to mate with his friend's doe, however he ended up with his own doe.
I was pleased with Taylor's reaction. Although she was very upset, she held it together and cleaned up the mess. She has a list of materials to reinforce the existing hutch and repair the other hutches. She is now looking for a registered Mini Rex Doe to breed with her surviving buck.
Erik was frustrated with the loss of his finances but understood that it sometimes happens. Secretly, I was ecstatic that my chickens were OK.
I know a certain 10 year old boy that is cleaning his gun,  waiting  to see if the killer returns for another delicious rabbit.

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Ali said...

Hugs to your kids. Our boys experienced that when a cougar got two of our lambs and one calf all in one night.

Hope they can find replacement animals to start again even though they will never replace the ones that are gone.