Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Typically, I try to avoid posts that consist of we did this, then we did that. However, Saturday was an exception to usually trying to minimize our outside activities. 
The day the chicks arrived!
Taylor and Aaron were invited by The Baker's Dozen to join their Ski to Sea Jr. Race Teams. They both enthusiastically said that they would. Both children practiced a bit and made lots of phone calls to sort out details.
I forgot about Aaron's 4H Robotics meeting and debated about telling him. Finally, I decided that this was one of those grown up decisions that had to be made. He was extremely upset about missing the meeting and absolutely did not want to race. I made Aaron call his teammates and ask about finding a substitute for his position. Thankfully, that was not a problem and Erik was excited about joining a team. However, he felt that it was essential for his team to win!
Hop over to A Baker's Dozen and read the story and see some amazing photos! Thank you Rene for documenting my children's activities when I am not there.

Sean had the opportunity to go with a friend to clear some land in exchange for wood. We were not about to say no. I have no desire to ever in my entire life be as cold as I was every day last winter. Ever.
Sean took Taylor and Erik and dropped them off to get a ride to Ski to Sea, then headed over to the property to begin work.

I arranged for Aaron to get a ride to and from his 4H Robotics meeting and I took the other 3 children to Whatcom County Pregnancy Center's Walk For Life event. This entailed all 8 of us being fed and out the door by 8:00 AM.
 I love what the Pregnancy Center stands for, and that they are fully funded by donation and fundraisers. This allows them to share The Gospel and Support Life.  Jason and Jessica Overstreet were there with their family and Jake (12) wanted to run the 5K. He asked me if I would run it with him. Jessica offered to walk with my youngers so that I could run with Jake. Jake was worried the I might not be competitive. Never fear my friend. I ran with Jake and another boy from church and was not about to be left in the dust. We ran the 5K at a 9.2 min/mile pace! Normally, I run a 10.5 - 11.5 min/mile. That boy tested my competitive spirit. That was after running 8 1/2 miles on Friday! So much for a recovery run.

Next, we hit the Teacher Appreciation Event at Launching Success, so I could get my discount on a book we need for school next year. As an added bonus I won one of their free drawings and got a great tub of summertime activities.

We went home, got some water, collected Aaron, went to meet Sean, picked up Taylor and Erik, then back to the property and worked until 8 PM cutting trees, clearing brush, chopping wood, and loading the truck. I had to leave to go feed the children, they were starving! I got home got everyone showered, threw some steaks on the BBQ and tucked some very tired children into bed!

How's that for a productive day!?

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