Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Ruby and Libby morning snuggles
 Sean's Grandma Dora was one of my most favorite people in the whole world. She was strong, yet gentle and so very kind. I loved going to her house. She really loved our children.
Liberty's Quilt
 Once I asked her what was her favorite Christmas present she ever received. She told me about a time when Sean's Grandpa bought the children a little red wagon and how much easier it made things for her. She was able to bring all the laundry down to the river to wash it, in one load and then she didn't have to carry the wet clothes back to the house to hang them to dry!
Sisters are a good thing
 Grandma Dora made all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren blankets or quilts. She was amazingly gifted making quilts and did them all by hand! My little girls did not get a quilt because she passed away before they were born.
Liberty's middle name is after her, Liberty Florence Slocum and she was Dora Florence Slocum.
Sean's Aunt and Uncle came up for a visit a few weeks ago. I was extremely disappointed to miss them, but I was occupied with the children at the Youth Fair.
Ruby's Bow Tie Quilt
They came bearing the most precious gift! Two of Grandma's quilts. I got the story second hand from Sean so I am going to have to clarify my facts, but the quilts were ones given to other family members who then worked to put in new batting, re-tie, and repair any worn spots. Now all of my children have a piece of Grandma and can feel the warmth of her love.

We are headed out today for The Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference. I am looking forward to amazing teaching and fellowship along with a renewed commitment to teach and train our children for His Glory.

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