Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snow Falling

Yes I know it's June, but here in the Pacific Northwest we can snowshoe in June. 
 My college friend, Anissa, came up for 10 days at the beginning of the month. We celebrated by getting pedicures, then enjoying my free birthday dinner at Red Robin.

 We attended our friend Rebecca's 50th Birthday celebration, went snowshoeing, had a slumber party, ran 8 miles together, went to Pike's Place Market and Downtown Seattle, thrift store shopping and plenty of wonderful food!
 The last time Anissa came to town I was only home for one day before I left town for San Antonio. It seems like a very long time since we have had time together. I stole Anissa away from our other friends Marla and Rebecca and we planned a wonderful day with vistas and sunshine. Unfortunately, in the Northwest the weather did not get my memo.
 The path I usually take was obscured by the tracks the Snow Cats left. We decided to follow what path was there and never mind the view because there wasn't any anyway.
 When I took this photo my screen looked blank. This was the edge of the trail we were on, and beyond it was zero visibility.
 Uninterrupted conversation is an anomaly for me, I was so excited to have time to catch up with my friend. I did discover that I really do carry on 47 different conversations at one time and never really finish one. It leaves me wanting more. As I regularly tell my children, "We don't always get what we want."
 Just so you know, Anissa wasn't the only one falling. We opted to turn back when the snow kept getting slushier and slushier. We made some impressive elevation gains, got great exercise, created priceless memories and fell a lot. I began by taking a picture of the first time she fell, because it was so dramatic. Then, I had to continue with the photo documentary because each fall was graceful, clumsy, painful, hilarious, and random.
On our descent we opted to take the hills sitting down. That was so incredibly fun! We also tried sliding on our bellies and headfirst. We concurred that had we know how much fun it was going to be we would have opted to climb and slide all day. I ended up losing both of our water bottles somewhere on Mt. Baker. However, we decided it wasn't worth the effort, plus the weather turned even worse rather quickly. Hopefully the person who finds our favorite water bottles will enjoy them.
What made the day even better was that my husband took the day off to be with the children so I could have time that he knows is so precious to me. I am grateful for his flexibility and willingness to give me so much time.

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