Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freedom Rally

Today, my boys had the privilege of serving as the Color Guard for The Freedom Rally

Aaron was extremely nervous and had a meltdown prior to the event. Erik and Ian tried to follow suit but were coerced out of it. Driving out to the Rally at Farmer Ben's we were treated to an amazing view of the property with the hundreds of people that already there. We reviewed the Scout Motto, "I promise to do my best, To do my duty to God and My Country, To Help Others and to Obey the Law of the Pack." I reminded the boys that this was their duty to their Country, and that they needed to do their best!

Aaron carried the American Flag, Ian carried a Flag to be presented to a Veteran and Erik acted as Color Guard and helped Ian present and fold the flag. I was extremely proud and emotional. Presenting the flag to a Veteran that has served in 2 wars defending our Country was both humbling and a great honor.

After the presenting of the colors the boys were walking off stage and I overheard a gentleman say, "Those boys are the future of our Country! Well Done." I pray diligently that I am preparing them to be the courageous leaders we need. Men of Integrity, Wisdom, Faith, and Character.

The line up of speakers was phenomenal!  Liberty was swinging and heard one of the Candidates say something about protecting our liberty. To which she declared, for all to hear, "They are talking about me! Sometimes I even call myself Libby!"

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