Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Warrior Dash

A few months ago, several friends and I were talking about participating in an event called The Warrior Dash. Everyone quickly jumped on the bandwagon and signed up. Everyone, except me.
Me, waiting to catch the shuttle to check in for The Dash
I really wanted to do it, but did not have the money to sign up and knew that I was not training for it.
Last week I purchased my spot, at a discount, from a friend who decided not to do it. After I bought it I went online again and looked at the course. How I wish I would have trained!
My Warrior Buddies, Dr, Brad & Dr. Dana
Dana wasn't feeling great, and Brad was Mr. Encouragement. We had decided to stick together, and I am so glad we did! Part of me wanted to run hard and prove myself, but it was so much fun to be together.
Warrior Cheer
Early in the race, we covered 1/2 mile through muddy trails with stickers on both sides. I slid about 3 feet and almost wiped out. Brad cheered, "Yeah for slippery muddy trails, we almost fall on!"
Then at each obstacle he cheered that it was coming, and while we were doing it, then that it was over. It made me laugh over and over. I honestly think lots of the people that were around us stayed for his encouraging banter.
Ready, Set, Go!
 One muddy pit didn't look that bad, but I chose the wrong spot to enter and fell flat on my face! I have to say the only injury I received was from hitting my knee on something beneath the mud. Dana didn't fair so well, her shoe came off in the mud and she had to dig for it!
Being short was much to my advantage, there were several obstacles that you had to crawl through or under and I didn't even have to army crawl!
I was really worried about the rope we had to climb then scale a huge wall, I didn't think I had the upper body strength for it. I did it without any problems!
Almost Done
 Aaron really wanted to come watch me. Even though he didn't come he told me that at 12:30 (my start time) he said, "Go Mama!" He also told me when I was leaving for the race that he hoped I was successful. When I asked him what successful was, He replied, "That you don't die!"
I am so Thankful that I was successful!
We Did It!
The most fun was jumping over the flames together.
 The most difficult obstacle for me was the mud crawl. The pit was so deep I couldn't touch the bottom! I also wear contacts and after someone (I will never tell who) =) threw mud in my face I could hardly open my eyes. The grit and grime between my teeth didn't help much either.
Next time I think I will wear shorts. The pants were a bit heavy.
Right after I finished, I gave Sean a great big muddy hug! Unfortunately everyone else was too muddy to touch the camera, so I don't have any pictures of it.
Muddy Couple
  The info page said that there were showers, really there were old men with fire hoses. I guess it's a good thing I am cuter than Brad, because at least I got hosed off!  The guy asked Dana and I if we were married. I said, "Not to each other!"

Going to the "Shower"
 I went out to have a good time with my friends and was not even going to check the race results. But Dana called and told me that I was 89/700 in our age group and 606/5,793!
I think next year I might just go for competition!
Guess we forgot to raise our arms when we got rinsed off
After our 'shower' we noticed that many parts did not actually get clean, at all.
Our entrance fee included a free beer, I used mine to rinse my hair and hands! 
 I called my friend Amy, I had never been to her house before, and asked if we could come hose off. I still had so much grime in my eyes I could hardly see.
She gracefully and willingly offered her shower. I was so very happy.
Here's to a great time, great friends, and great accomplishments! 
Then Sean and I finished our date day with Dinner at PF Chang's with Brad and Dana, and some shopping together, alone.
Thank you so much to my momm for watching our children so we could have some fun together! Maybe next time Sean will join in, since he got muddy anyway!


Buhler family said...

It was finally your turn to play in the mud! Good for you! Congratulations for finishing strong and alive!

Nicole said...

Please, please, please post the full mud covered Carolynn pic of Facebook. I am so proud of you! You do look like a warrior!