Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Reading

We are a family who loves to read. I remember not so long ago I worried that Aaron wasn't going to learn to read. Now, I often have to tell him to put the book down and get something else done. The biggest punishment is taking away his book. 
 Not only individual reading but read a-louds as well. This year we have read Harriet Tubman's biography, Archimedes and the Door of Science, and the entire Patricia St. John series. We started The Children's Homer, I got bored with it, the children begged for me to finish I couldn't bring myself to do it. We also read The Trojan Horse, and Aesop's Fables.
 Next year, I am going to keep a better list of what we are reading. I love the diversity that we enjoy together. This summer we are reading one of my all time favorite books, "Summer of the Monkeys" by Wilson Rawls. The same author that wrote "Where the Red Fern Grows."
We read this book years ago, I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to read it again. I am easily talked into, "Just one more chapter, PLEASE!" After a long day of church, pot luck, swimming, and wonderful beautiful, sun, I got the children ready for bed then we headed to the trampoline for a few chapters of Summer of the Monkeys.
I highly recommend this book and encourage you to read to your children! It is fun and creates opportunities to talk about real life hard stuff and gives wonderful memories!
This morning when I was wakened from a deep sleep by thunder and lightening and a torrential downpour I was grateful that I decided against a sleepover on the trampoline with the children!


Stacy said...

I love it that you headed out to the trampoline to read! :)
And I LOVED that thunder and lightening storm! Oh my! I got up and opened all the shades and windows in our room and just watched and listened. Beautiful! I was thinking about how we enjoyed the fireworks last week but last night GOD put on a show!

James Mockery said...

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