Sunday, April 21, 2013


Last week 3 of my girls went in for their first 'real' haircuts. Taylor has donated her hair 3 times and therefore has had haircuts but never from something better than Master Cuts. 
 I have been looking for a new hairdresser and when I asked several different people (who I think have cute hair) they all mentioned the same lady. I figured that was a good indication that I liked her work and we would give it a go.
 Taylor loves hair tutorials and likes to braid, and do hair, but the length was difficult to work with. I love long hair, I wish my hair was about a foot longer but, mine needs regular (twice yearly) cuts to keep it from looking really bad. Therefore, It never seems to get any longer.
 Taylor's hair grows fast and is beautiful and she is 15 after all.  So it wasn't hard for me to let her make the cut and I love it! The curls you see here were not created with a curling iron or anything, just the stylist drying it a certain way~ Lucky girl.
 Liberty has Never had a haircut, and I know it looks awful in this picture. That is partly from taking it out of braids, partly from the mineral build up from our water and partly just because it had been 4 years with no cuts or trims. The first 2 years she didn't really have any hair so I guess it's only 2 years worth of growth, but she is pretty rough around the edges.
 She liked the shampoo and cut, but I think she sat still and really was motivated by the Hershey's Kiss she got at the end.
 I had a really hard time because I like long hair on girls. Did I mention I like long hair? Her hair looks so much better now, and the shorter hair matches her spunky little self!
 Ruby's cut was harder for Sean to swallow, because he really likes long hair. I think I see a trend here.
He doesn't have to cut it or brush it and deal with the drama that is notoriously Ruby.
 I think I let it go longer than I should because in the last few months Taylor has mostly taken over the little girls hair. They have had fish bone braids, french braids, waterfall braids, crown braids, and other updo's that I only dreamed about as a little girl.
Taylor convinced me that Ruby's hair would be easier and look better.
She was right! Ruby loves the independence of being able to brush her own hair (mostly) and do pony tails on herself! She still wears her cute little hat All. The. Time. BUT, there are no more tears! She is trying to get me to let her wash it herself, I don't think we are quite there, Yet.
Me, I had to wait a whole-nother week to get mine done.

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Crystal said...

What a wonderful day with your girls! The cuts are so cute.