Thursday, May 2, 2013

Park Day

I have really been struggling with school this year. Partly because I have some children that look like they are doing their work, but when I go to check, they actually completed nothing, or they did a very sloppy job. 
It is difficult to keep my attitude in check when I tend to take it personally if they don't like their work, or do it well.  
This is something I have been praying about, looking for better solutions, and trying to expect that I will have to make corrections.
Liberty and Branson
Yesterday, promised to be a beautiful day. My children love to go to Lynden City Park. I told them that if they got all their work done, we would pack lunch and go to the park. The morning was a struggle : bad attitudes, sloppy work, and painstakingly slow progress, but somehow we managed to leave the house.
I posted on Facebook that we were going and would love for friends to join us. It turned into an amazing afternoon. I ran into 5 past clients and was given wonderful hugs! 2 current clients were there, as well as 2 women who have taken childbirth classes from me! There were other wonderful homeschooling mamas there as well. My children all played nicely and had happy hearts. Liberty was in heaven with all the babies that needed to be taken care of. The funny part was that she loved to pick them up, but I think most of them out weighed her by at least 10 pounds!
We left when all the school children started showing up, and returned home for chores, and homemade pizza. Then Sean and I sat at the table for a whole hour catching up. That was my favorite part. It seems like in the busyness of life we rarely make the time to really talk.
The fresh air, sunshine, friendship and communication did wonders for my perspective on how truly blessed I am. 

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