Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

This pregnancy has been difficult for the family as far as meals are concerned. Not too long ago, I just couldn't find any motivation to make dinner. Sean offered to make something for dinner when he got home. However, we got to talking and couldn't come up with anything quick and easy. 
"Does that come with Bacon?"
 The children suggested that we, "Go out for dinner." This made us laugh, because we rarely go out and it isn't exactly in our budget.
The boys fascination with Five Guys Burgers and Fries began last summer when they won 2 $25 gift certificates to Five Guys. They used the certificates when they went on a fishing trip with Papa and Granddad. Ever since then, the girls have wanted to go too.
Aaron taking care of Liberty
 I told the children, "I'm sorry we just can't." Aaron replied, "I can pay for me and Liberty."
Taylor said, "Yes! I will pay for me and Ian." and Erik chimed in, "I will pay for me and Ruby." So Papa said,"Great! I will pay for me and Mama!"
I have never seen the children move so quickly to get coats and shoes on and get buckled in the BRV. That may have been that it was after 7 and they were starving, however I think it was more likely motivated by the desire for a good burger.
Waiting for the food, so that they can serve others. 
 It was surprising to me how different each child acted when they were responsible for another sibling. Aaron carried Liberty in, helped her choose her meal, and then served her meal to her. Erik held the door for Ruby. When Ruby was disappointed that they were going to share a drink, he put his arm around her and walked her up to the register and bought  her her own drink.
Taylor was completely generous and let Ian order whatever he wanted, even the adult meal complete with fries and a drink. When Ian needed a napkin or ketchup she was quick to get it for him.
Ruby got her very own soda
 I also found it interesting that they wanted to sit with the person they purchased dinner for. There was no arguing over who was going to sit where, or if it wasn't their turn to get napkins. When Liberty ordered her junior bacon cheese burger she asked the cashier if it came with bacon. The cashier laughed and assured her that it did. Then, when Ruby ordered her junior bacon cheese burger, she said, "With Bacon." and confirmed, "Does that come with bacon?"
I guess we don't go out enough to know that a bacon cheese burger comes with bacon.
I loved my bacon cheese burger and Coke with lime. Of course, no outing would be complete without a spill. True to form, Liberty spilled her drink. It was completely out of character however that Aaron grabbed the napkins and started cleaning up the mess.
Each person spent right about $20. They were happy and cheerful to do so, and it was a fun evening.
The younger children were very gracious and said Thank you a dozen times. 

I never want to forget the generosity and compassion that I saw from my children. I feel like we got a glimpse of how they will treat their future spouses. It gave me hope. My boys showed that chivalry is not dead. AND I got a night off from dinner. 

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