Sunday, March 30, 2014

Momm's Birthday

For the past 8 years we have Celebrated my Momm's birthday with some beautiful ladies. These are women, chosen by my Momm, who either she has influenced or been influenced by. Typically, it goes both ways. 
 Kelly always graciously hosts the party and sets the table beautifully. Kelly's talent is evident. Every year there is a different theme, and every year the table is a fest for the eyes. Plus, she always sneaks me an extra treat!
This is a highlight for all of us. The encouragement, joy and faith in each of these women always builds me up. It is fun to know the women in my Momm's life.
Back Row: CeLinda, Brianna, Terry
Front Row: Carolynn, Momm, Carol, Lisa, Kelly
We had the party a bit early this year because of people's travel schedules and this baby's imminent arrival.

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