Saturday, July 19, 2014

3 Months

Everyone is growing up right before my eyes. I remember being in second grade thinking that the year was never going to end. I can still picture the calendar on the wall above the blackboard in Mrs. Lugar's class. Will Summer Ever Come? 
I still look forward to summer, but it seems to come and go so quickly. Wyatt is now 3 months old, My oldest daughter got married, and I am a Mother in Law.
Liberty, "It's so fun to have someone to chill with."
We got 2 kittens, 4 pigs, I had Mastitis, We had a wedding, Mariners game, 25 year High School reunion, got strawberries picked and made in to jam, Celebrated the 4th of July, picked and jammed raspberries, we got started on the blueberries with 87 pounds in the freezer. 4H Season in in Full swing with 3 meetings in one day last week.
His little crooked smile brings me joy
 The fair is just around the corner. I have a few weeks before I am on call for my first birth since Wyatt's arrival. Sean is going on a Tuna Fishing trip and I have started the planning for school in September.
He is always smiling, when he is nursing, sleeping, sucking his thumb. Always. 
 Meanwhile, every chance I get I sit and stare at the baby. He is such a sweetie. I love that Ian gets up early and waits outside my bedroom. The minute he hears Wyatt cooing he is in there to get him up. The girls always want to choose his clothes and dress him. You have to be easy going to put up with that!
Wyatt, The.Most. Blue.Eyes.Ever. 
We just finished a major purge and reorganization of the boys room.
Unfortunately, my cooking has drastically taken a back burner. As well as my blogging. 


Crystal said...

Yay, pictures! Wow! You've been busy. The berry season has been so early this year. And quick! I wonder what that means for the summer.

Ali Workentin said...

What a cutie...and the cradle is that one you have used for everyone of your kiddo's?

Carolynn Slocum said...

Crystal, It cannot possibly mean summer will be short. I LOVE the long hot summer days. It makes me very happy.
Thank you Alice, I love it too. My uncle made it for my first baby and yes I have used it for all of them. Except that it changes every time. I used to have a very large base on the bottom that allowed it to rock. I got scars on my shins from it. The latest transformation for Wyatt was done by my friend's husband. It is perfect!