Thursday, November 20, 2014

Outstanding 4-Her

I began this post a month ago, before she won the Outstanding 4-Her of Whatcom County. 
This was Taylor's 3rd Year doing 4-H at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden. She showed in Senior Class for Rabbits. 
Although, this was her first year showing Dairy she showed in Senior class as well, because of her obligations showing Rabbits. Her Show Rabbit is an English Spot, and she got Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Class for Type.
Taylor has diligently chosen rabbits based on what she has learned. She has even attended a Rabbit Show in Enumclaw to get good rabbits for breeding and showing.
Taylor competed against all other Seniors  in our County,  it came down to her and another member of our club. He received Grand Champion and Taylor was awarded Reserve Grand Champion. They both earned a spot to compete at the State Fair.
State was a great experience for both of them, as well as the other members of our club who attended.
It was a growing experience for both Sean and I, as well as Taylor. As a family, we try to do as much together as possible. Especially when it comes to big events in the children's lives. This was the first time we sent one of our children off with other families to compete, and at a State event as well! Sean was out of town for work, and the logistics of me taking everyone to Puyallup for 3 days was too much.
Taylor has great showmanship. Much like her father, she is stoic and keeps her composure, but sometimes she forgets to smile. She did impress the judges with her confidence and knowledge.
She organized members of our Rabbit Division to decorate the Rabbit Barn and Our Club received the award for the Best Decorated Club!
When I was walking around the Fair I discovered our Club Booth and remembered that I was supposed to do something about that. I noticed that we were awarded a Blue Ribbon and Best Booth (I am sure I got that name wrong) complete with a $50 premium. Taylor knew I wasn't going to remember, so she implemented that as well.
I am proud of her growth, and commitment to her projects. From purchasing her animals, to feeding and caring for them she had complete responsibility both fiscally, and with all the daily chores.
She did her public presentation on Rabbit Breeds of the World. She earned a blue ribbon for that as well! She picked up extra barn duty, went to the Rodeo, and rode rides with friends.
Since her Pen of Fryer Rabbits earned Best of Class, for the Second Year, she was Third Seller in the Junior Livestock Auction. She requested many add ons and earned enough to get started on her Organic Rabbit business. She has found mentors to help her with marketing, record keeping, developing feed, and other business knowledge.
A sampling of her ribbons and our club decorations in the Rabbit Barn.
She was our Club Reporter and won the 4-H News Award for the county. She also earned awards for her involvement in Community Service Projects that she organized and participated in. She also received an award for Outstanding 4-Her of Whatcom County.
At our End of the Year Celebration Taylor raked in the awards with a Trophy for Outstanding 4-Her of the club, Perfect Attendance, Teen Leadership, and she was elected Vice President of Country Partners Club.
As our daughter enters her 17th year, we couldn't be more proud of her decisions, goals, and character.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Taylor! What an accomplished and capable young woman you are. So proud of you!