Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Berry Picking

Usually we go to Bjornstead's to pick our berries but this year we tried Barbies. This was our second attempt. The first time we picked 9 pounds including 4 that Ian picked(kinda small and green).

Everett and Aaron were very good helpers. Aaron went for the prize of the kid that picked the most berries-- He got 8 pounds of wonderful juicy red delicious berries, I wonder how many pounds he would have picked had he not eaten any???

Here are my pickers/eaters before we began. Taylor picked 6 pounds of berries but spent most of the time watching and entertaining the 3 little girls--what could possibly be more helpful than that?

Ruby really likes the strawberries and is not so discerning between the dirt and the berry.

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Alliwoo said...

I miss picking berries with you guys!