Friday, July 4, 2008

Mikaela's Graduation Party

OK, so I know I am not exactly doing the blog in the order that it happens but well, that's life. The morning we were getting ready to come to Geaba's house for Mikaela's Seattle Grad Party I decided to iron everyone's clothes (for a 2 hour car ride --what was I thinking?) I was distracted and Ruby was Ruby and grabbed the iron and burnt 3 fingers and the palm of her hand. I felt horrible and as a result we were not early but right on time to the party. Luckly my momm and Kimberly had everything together and there was not a thing they needed done. This photo is of my momm with all of her grandchildren.

Chris, Jeanne, Uncle John, Mikaela, Uncle Mike, Me, 'Aunt' Alfreda

Baby Sarah, my brother's youngest wearing an outfit that used to be Mikaela's.

Ruby loving the trampoline. She has quite the little thigh muscles from all the jumping!

Erik is the adrenaline junkie!! Here he is jumping with Mikaela and Sean and yelling "Higher" with each bounce. Since he is only 47 pounds it is easy to get him higher than the roof of the house.

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