Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boat building 101

Taylor found a board at the pond by our house and carried it home on her scooter. She then recruited several of her brothers to help her make a boat to sail to the middle of the pond. First they painted it, then they found more wood and attached the sides. She asked if we had any tar she could use to patch the holes.

Aaron did a lot of the glueing and assembling. I was thankful that they chose to do their project in the back yard (notice all the supplies all over the place).

Then came the day to try out the boat. Ian and Ruby loved playing in the water, they didn't care about the boat.
Taylor was very excited that the boat actually floated. However she was very dissappointed that I would not let them try it in the pond. They did try to get in it and it promptly sunk. It was very cool to see their engineering at work.

I was hoping that the boat would sail out to sea never to be seen again. Taylor said, "that would be a waste of a perfectly good boat" so alas, we loaded the boat back into the van to bring home and improve.

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